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Elliott, Bruce, 2004-2005: Emigrant Recruitment by the New Brunswick Land
The Pioneer Settlers of Stanley and Harvey.


From where did the emigrants come?   The port of sailing, the attractive walled town of Berwick-upon-Tweed, is the most northeasterly of English ports.   It is located not in Berwickshire, which is over the border into Scotland, but in the English county of Northumberland.   The 110 D'Arcy emigrants were said to have come from in and around the town of Wooler, to the south of Berwick, but in fact only four families came from that parish, and two others from elsewhere in northern Northumberland.   Two further families were English, but I have been unable to pinpoint their origins.   Most of the families bore lowland Scots surnames and belonged to a number of bewilderingly fragmented denominations of Presbyterianism. (53)  Another seven families were from Scotland, most from just over the border into Berwickshire and Roxburghshire, some having family connections on the English side of the line.   The progenitor of the Currie family is said to have come from Fife, beyond Edinburgh, but his wife and children were born in England.   We have the names of the adult males of the party from a letter they sent home in the autumn following their arrival.   From this and various genealogical materials we can list the heads of families as follows: (54)

The quayside at Berwick-Upon-Tweed, 2002, whence sailed the 1836 D'Arcy and the 1837 Cornelius parties. Source: Bruce S. Elliott.

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Table 1   Origins of the Berwick Settlers, 1836

Heads of families: Last known residence:
ALLAN Thomas & Mary England (tailor)
CURRIE William & Isabella Fife, Scotland; later England
DIXON Walter & Jane (Pringle) Dryburn, Lowick, Northumberland
DOUGLASS John & Isabel (Wilson) Whittingham, Northumberland
DUNCAN James     Scotland
GREY Andrew & Mary Torvilaws, Wooler, Northumberland
HUMBLE John & Ann (Beany) Wooler, Northumberland
JAFFREY Thomas & Susan (Gray) Kirk Yetholm, Roxburghshire
JOHNSON Matthew Scotland
KERR John & Jane (Turnbull)   Swinton, Berwickshire
McDOUGALL Jonathan & Jane (Mather) Coldstream, Berwickshire (shoemaker)
PRINGLE William & Margaret   Kirknewton near Wooler, Northumberland
TURNBULL David & Margaret (Jaffrey) Sprouston, Roxburghshire
WAUGH Robert & Isabelle (Hood)   Wooler, Northumberland (schoolmaster)
WINTER Thomas England
YOUNG Thomas unknown


(53) Like many of the emigrants from southwestern Northumberland who went to London Township, Upper Canada:   J.E. McAndless, "Telfer Cemetery (English Settlement) London Township", Families 14, no. 3 (Summer 1975): 71-8; F.T. Rosser, London Township Pioneers (Belleville: Mika Publishing, 1975), 29, 2\90-4, 95-9, 122-6; Jennie Raycraft Lewis, 'Llyndinshire': London Township (London, 1967), 25-7.


(54) Kelly, p. 13; C.O. 188/60, ff. 153-4, NA reel B-14.   As hinds were employed on an annual basis, some moved every year.   The place of residence in my table is the latest one so far identified.