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Harvey Settlement Location Report From the
Commissioners For Locating
25 Families of English Settlers
New Brunswick Archives (RS344 2k, 16/2/1838)

This document, obtained from the New Brunswick Archives Fredericton, addressed to His Excellency Major General Sir John Harvey, Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick, includes a “Report of the Commissioners [Thomas Baillie, L.A. Wilmot and James Taylor] For Locating 25 Families of English Settlers” dated 16 February, 1838. w
The following document contains a typed transcription of the original manuscript followed by scanned images of the hand written original manuscript. Page layout, punctuation and spelling in the typed transcript are as in the original manuscript. < > indicates indicipherable words and/or letters.


[NBA RS344 2k, 16/2/1838]

Lt. Goveror J. Harvey – Immig. Records
Harvey Settlement
Report from the
Commissioners for locating
25 families
of English Settlers

Copy to be con[veyed]
To the House
of Ass[embly]
< signature >
Feby 24


16 Feb 1838

Fredericton 16 Feby. 1838

May it please your Excellency,

The undersigned Commissioners for the locating of sundry English Emigrants under an order of council of the 29th July last bid leave to submit to Your Excellency the following report of their proceedings.

On receipt of the Order in Council it was ascertained that there were twenty five Families desirous of settling a vacant tact of Crown Land lying beyond Lake Eima on the new line of Great Road between Fredericton and Saint Andrews was selected as an admirable location on account of the superior quality of the soil and the prospect of the immediate completion of the Great Road which runs through the center of the tract.

A surveyor was accordingly sent out forthwith with instructions to lay off twenty five lots allowing forty rods front to each on the Road, and extending back so as to comprise forty acres, leaving in the rear sufficient vacant land to enable each settler to extend his lot as soon as he might be able to purchase the additional quantity.

To His Excellency
Major Genl. Sir John Harvey
K.C.H.C.B. &c &c &c

<end page 1>

A competent person was employed to superintend the labours of the settlers and to instruct in the process of clearing and preparing the land for cultivation and in the erection of log houses. Operations were commenced in August and were most industriously and effectively prosecuted until the winter set in, by which time about an acre and a half had been cut down on each lot and twenty one log houses erected.

The two hundred pounds granted by the legislature has been principally expended in constructing the above operations and in the improving of parts of the Road between Fredericton and the settlement by the Emigrants themselves.

The undersigned beg to inform your Excellency that as part of the above sum has been paid to the Receiver General on account of the purchase money for the land, as it was considered that the amount could be more beneficially expended in the partial improvement of the Road and in forwarding preparations for the location of the settlers in the ensuing spring.

A quantity of seed potatoes has been procured in the vicinity of the settlement. Some oats will also be provided and a constant supervision will be kept up until the Emigrants

<end page 2>

shall have cropped and settled upon their respective allotments.

The undersigned have much pleasure in expressing their entire satisfaction with the conduct of the settlers. For industry — sobriety — and perseverance no men can surpass theirs; while they only want an opportunity to introduce the most approved systems of agriculture as now pursued in England.

All which is respectfully submitted

Thom Baillie
L. A. Wilmot
James Taylor

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<end of document>