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Perley, M.H. 1857. A Hand-Book Of Information For Emigrants To New Brunswick, Effingham Wilson, London, 96 p. Digitized from original at Oxford University, 28 Jun 2006.

Link to pdf of scan of entire book. 4.8 MB download. Google Books. Original from Harvard University.

In a short passages spanning pages 70, 71 Perley states that:

“ Two very striking instances of success attending the formation of new settlements in the wilderness by associations of settlers, can be adduced in this country. The Harvey Settlement was formed in 1837, by a party of emigrants from the north of England, who landed in the province in a very destitute condition. The tee-total settlement was formed in 1842, by a party of destitute emigrants from the south of Ireland. Both these settlements are now in the most prosperous and thriving condition; many of the settlers, who at the outset were in actual want, are now possessed of large and valuable farms, while some have become positively wealthy. These persons were assisted, in the first instance, by being employed to make roads through the wilderness to their several settlements, for which they were paid at a reasonable rate. This mode of assistance gave them not only profitable employment, but enabled them to reach their lands with facility. The experiment was attended with complete success, and no doubt might be extended to other part of the Province with the like favourable results.”