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Descendents of David Cessford (1803 - 21 Jan 1862)
and Margaret "Peggy" Piercy (1804 - 21 Jul 1864)

Second Immigrant Generation

6. Robert Cessford . Son of David Cessford & Margaret "Peggy" Piercy. Born 28 Aug 1841 in Harvey, York Co., NB. Died 26 Mar 1913 in Victoria, BC. Buried in Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria, BC. Occupation Carpenter.

     PANB #F15552, p. 565:   Robert Cessford and Margaret Nesbitt married on Sep 7, 1864 by Samuel Johnson, witnesses Annie Nesbitt and William McMillan.

       Robert, Margaret and their older children moved from Harvey, NB,   to Vancouver Island, BC approximately 1876.   Robert worked in a tannery in Victoria, BC.

    Most of the Cessfords in Victoria were buried in Ross Bay Cemetery.

    Robert's birth date was taken from 1901 Census, Victoria, BC, and he was a carpenter that that time.

    Robert died at age 72 years.

   He married Margaret Nesbitt, daughter of George Nesbitt & Elizabeth Embleton, 7 Sep 1864 in Harvey Presbyterian Church By Rev. Samuel Johnson . Born 1846 in Harvey. Christen 22 Feb 1846 in Harvey By Rev. Daniel McCurdy. Died 13 Jan 1942 in Victoria, BC. Buried in Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria, BC.

    Margaret died 13 Jan 1942, at age 94 years.

    From newspaper clipping - Victoria, BC, Jan 1936:

    Has Ninetieth Birthday Tea

    Flowers and Good Wishes Greeted Mrs Margaret Cessford Yesterday.

    Masses of beautiful flowers, including a lovely bouquet from Mayor and Mrs David Leeming greeted Mrs Margaret Cessford, pioneer resident of Victoria, on the attainment of her ninetieth birthday yesterday.

    Sixty years in this city have brought many friends to the venerable resident, and a host of them called to tender their personal congratulations and good wishes at her home on Mary Street, Victoria West, where she lives with her daughter.   Despite her great age, Mrs Cessford is extraordinarily alert and in possession of all her faculties, and she exchanged many reminiscences and reciprocated the good wishes over the tea cups, both afternoon and evening.

    Historic Tea Cups

    And the tea cups themselves have almost as interesting a history as Mrs Cessford, for they were presented to her by the late Sir James Douglas, former Governor of British Columbia, and are of the capacious size beloved of early Victorian appetites!

    Assisting in receiving the guests during the afternoon and evening were Mrs Cessford's daughter, Mrs J. C. Dodds, also Mrs George Cessford, Mrs R. Campbell and Miss Muriel Cessford.   Mr Tom Cessford came over from Seattle to celebrate his mother's birthday.   Those serving tea were Mrs George Cessford, Miss Muriel Cessford, Mrs R. Dalziel and Mrs R. Campbell.

    They had the following children:

  16   i.   James Cessford

  17   ii.   Elizabeth "Lizzie" Cessford

  18   iii.   Adeline Cessford

  19   iv.   George Wellington Cessford

  20   v.   Almira "Myra" Cessford

  21   vi.   John Harvey "Jack" Cessford

  22   vii.   Margaret "Madge" Cessford

  23   viii.   Thomas Piercy Cessford

7. James Cessford . Son of David Cessford & Margaret "Peggy" Piercy. Born 1843 in Harvey. Christen 24 Dec 1843 in Harvey Settlement By Rev. James McCurdy . Died 1865 in Maine.

   Believed to have died at age 21 years on a stream drive in Maine.   (No documentation)