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Descendents of David Cessford (1803 - 21 Jan 1862)
and Margaret "Peggy" Piercy (1804 - 21 Jul 1864)

Third Immigrant Generation

15. Robert Brown Wilson . Son of Robert Wilson & Margery Cessford. Born 18 May 1860 in Harvey. Died 15 May 1861 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.

16. James Cessford . Son of Robert Cessford & Margaret Nesbitt. Born 14 Aug 1865 in Harvey, York Co., NB. Died in Seattle, Wash. Buried in Laconia. Occupation Miner.

    James was born in Harvey, NB, went to Victoria, BC with his family in 1868, and went to the Yukon in 1897.   He died in Seattle and buried in Laconia.

    (In BC Vital Stats - Marriage Registration Index, there is "James Cessford married Florence Grace Campbell in Victoria, 14 Nov 1893."    Also, from the death records,   Florence Grace Cessford died 2 Oct 1960, age 85, in Quesnel, BC.)

    In 1901 Census for Victoria, BC, James was a miner, and his birth date was 14 Aug 1865, born in NB.

    He married Florence "Grace" Campbell, daughter of Neil Campbell & Barbara Blackwood, 14 Nov 1893 in Victoria, BC. Born 1874 in Marlintown, Glengary Co., Ont. Died 2 Oct 1960 in Quesnel, BC. They were separated.

    They had the following children:

  35   i.   Erma Campbell Cessford

17. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Cessford . Daughter of Robert Cessford & Margaret Nesbitt. Born 28 Oct 1868 in Harvey, York Co., NB.

    Elizabeth's birth date, 28 Oct 1868, age 32, taken from 1901 Census for Victoria, BC.

    Lizzie and her husband Johnny lived at 842 Selkirk Ave., Victoria, BC.

    From notes written by Jessie Pearson, March 1997, sent to Bill McEwen: "Elizabeth (Aunt Lizzie), Uncle Johnny and their daughter Effie lived at 842 Selkirk Avenue,..... fronting on Gorge Waterway, had a fruit orchard, two tennis courts and a carriage house.   In pre-war times Uncle Johnny had vested interests in Copper Mining.   Effie was a teacher and later married Tom Temple......"

    She married John R. Collister, 12 Feb 1889 in Victoria, BC.

    They had the following children:

  36   i.   Effie Myrtle Collister

18. Adeline Cessford . Daughter of Robert Cessford & Margaret Nesbitt. Born 8 Oct 1870 in Harvey. Died 13 Oct 1931 in   Victoria, BC.

    After her first husband, Joseph Turnbull Grieve, died she married James Harlem Teed, but he didn't stay around long, leaving Adeline with her five children to raise alone.

    She first married Joseph Turnbull Grieve, son of Henry "Harry" Grieve & Margaret Speedy, 21 Dec 1886 in Victoria, BC. Born May 1864 in Harvey. Christen 17 Jul 1865 in St. Paul's Church Records, Fredericton. Died 1894 in Courtenay, BC. Occupation Farmer, Butcher.

    Joseph died of blood poisoning from a cut finger and was buried on the family farm right in Courtenay--they owned a dairy farm.

   They had the following children:

  37   i.   Margaret Grieve

  38   ii.   Robert Grieve

  39   iii.   Henry "Harry" Grieve

  40   iv.   Vera M. Grieve

  41   v.   Charlie Grieve

    She second married James Harlem Teed, 17 Oct 1902 in Cumberland, BC.