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Craigs (Craig) Family Page 1 >> 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Index

Descendants of Thomas Craigs (ca 1770 - 30 Sep 1860)
and first wife Ann Crosby (ca 1770 - 1811)
and second wife Margaret Patterson (ca 1780 - 10 Sep 1843)

*Two generation Craig(s)
genealogy in
a single pdf or MS Word file.

Link to maps showing relative concentration of the
Craigs surname in the United Kingdom in 1881 and 1998.

* Additional genealogical data for download is provided for the descendants of Henry Craigs (page 4) and James Craigs (page 3), sons of Thomas Craigs), have been provided courtesy of Dann Craig).

This family is listed with both the Cornelius settlers and as a chain migrant family as the patriarch Thomas Craigs followed his son's to Harvey Settlement in 1841. The sons Walter James and Henry came out on the Cornelius of Sunderland in 1837.

Gray, Rev. Thomas, 1842. 'Sketch of the Life of Mr. Thomas Craigs' The Scottish Christian Herald, second series, vol. 3. no. 153 as well as a separate pamphlet." Link is to scanned copy of an original pamphlet (source Ellis Craig; scan courtesy of Dann Craig, 2006)

Undocumented Pre-Immigrant Generation

1. Mr Craigs .

    (In order to include the families of both marriages of Thomas Craigs in this report, it was necessary to put in his father   as Mr Craigs.)   


  2   i.   Thomas Craigs


First Immigrant Generation


2. Thomas Craigs . Son of Mr Craigs. Born Approx 1770 in Lanton, Northumberland, England. Died 30 Sep 1860 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Occupation Hand Loom Weaver. Religion Presbyterian.


    The spelling of the surname became "Craig" in many of the families.

    For full details on the Craig Family, see the genealogy book, "The Craigs of Harvey Settlement, Red Rock and the Pontiac" by Helen C. Craig.   The following excerpt is copied from the book:


    "Thomas Craigs was born in Lanton, Northumberland County, England, a small place near the border of Scotland.   Little is known about his early life.   Presbyterian Church records in Kirknewton and Wooler provide us with information about marriages, deaths and baptisms of his children.   His first wife, Ann Crosby, died in 1811 at the age of 41 and was buried from the Kirknewton Church.   (LDS Film 0252591)   For his second marriage a year later, his banns were read in Kirknewton prior to his marriage to Margaret Patterson.   It would be assumed that Margaret was unable to write as she signed the marriage register with an "x".   She was from Kimmerston according to "her book" that came with them to Canada so perhaps she did know how to read.


    "Thomas's children were baptised by the Presbyterian ministers in Wooler West Chapel.   It was here that he held several positions in the church.   He was an elder and clerk of session, responsible for recording the minutes of the meetings of the elders who made up the session.   He was also the precentor during the worship services where he taught the hymns by singing the hymns line by line for the congregation to follow.   At that time any musical accompaniment by an instrument was considered sinful.


    "When Thomas's sons Walter, James and Henry went to Canada, he was nearly 70 years of age, old by the standards of that day.   He must have felt that his days as a hand loom weaver were coming to an end.   Even though Presbyterians did not raffle their possessions, he felt he had no choice but to do so in order to get enough money for passage for him, his wife and 2 unmarried children.   The winner of the raffle for his clock gave it back to him to take with him.   It has probably not survived although there are memories of a clock with wooden works in a home in Red Rock.........    The congregation in Wooler gave him a suit of clothes and a pair of glasses.   The glasses are still with a family member.   They were engraved, "Presented by members of the West Chapel Wooler to Mr Thomas Craigs 1840."   His minister, Rev. Thomas Gray wrote 'Sketch of the Life of Mr. Thomas Craigs' and published it in The Scottish Christian Herald, second series, vol. 3. no. 153 as well as a separate pamphlet."


    "From the letters written by Thomas Craigs that were published in "The Sketch", we knew that they sailed from Liverpool on May 24 or 25 (1841) on a large ship in the timber trade and that they arrived in Saint John and travelled to Fredericton and Harvey in time to attend Sabbath services on July 5..........."

      "Thomas's wife Margaret died 2 years after their arrival in Harvey Settlement....."

     "Thomas lived with his son Henry in Harvey Settlement (1851 Census).   He visited with his sons, Thomas and William, in Red Rock.   There is a tradition that he walked the distance in one day but towards the end of his life he had to take two days to make the trip of over 50 miles." He wrote the undated poem at this link to his grandchildren in Red Rock.


    From The Morning News, published in Saint John, NB, 8 Oct 1860:   "Died Harvey Settlement, Sabbath morn., 30th ult., Thomas Craigs, age 91."


    He first married Ann Crosby, 22 Jun 1794 in Coldstream, Scotland. Born Approx 1770. Died 16 Oct 1811 in Kirknewton, Northumberland, Eng.

    They had the following children:

  3   i.   Ann Craigs

  4   ii.   Thomas Craigs

  5   iii.   Mary Craigs

  6   iv.   Robert Craigs

  7   v.   Walter Craigs

  8   vi.   Ann Craigs


He second married Margaret Patterson, 8 Nov 1812 in Kirknewton. Born Approx 1780 in Kimmerston, England. Died 10 Sep 1843 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.

    They had the following children:

  9   i.   James Craigs

  10   ii.   Henry Craigs

  11   iii.   William Craigs

  12   iv.   Thomas Craigs

  13   v.   Luke F. Craig

  14   vi.   Isabella Craigs