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Descendents of George Embleton (1776 - 1833)
and Margaret Davidson (1782 - 1836)

Embleton genealogy in
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Northumberland parents of Embleton children who emigrated on "Cornelius of Sunderland"

1. George Embleton . Born 1776 in Framlington, Eng. Died 1833 in Wooler. Occupation Joiner, Cartwright.

    Copied from records from Wooler area by E. E. Lister--source not identified:   "George Embleton of the Parish of Wooler and Margaret Davidson of Berwick were married in this church by Banns this 28th day of July, 1802 by Hugh Hodgson, Vicar.   This marriage was solemnized between George Embleton and Margaret Davidson, now Embleton in the presence of *John Darry and *Jane Bolton, Charles Embleton, Robert Davidson."


*According to the parish registers of Eglingham (NBL) 1662 - 1812 transcribed at:


these witnesses were John Davy and James Bolton.

    George Embleton and Margaret Davidson were married in 1802 in Eglingham, England in presence of Charles Embleton and Robert Davidson.   They had ten children.   Three children died in childhood.   One daughter, Mary, married and stayed in England, and the remaining six children emigrated to Canada.   George died in Wooler at age 56 years, and his wife Margaret died in Wooler at age 54 years.

    He married Margaret Davidson, daughter of William Davison, 23 Jul 1802 in Eglingham, Eng. Born 1782 in Bewick Folly, Eglingham, Eng. Died 1836 in Wooler.

    They had the following children:

  2   i.   Mary Embleton

  3   ii.   Isabella Embleton

  4   iii.   William Embleton

  5   iv.   William Embleton

  6   v.   Mary Embleton

  7   vi.   Margaret Embleton

  8   vii.   Eleanor Embleton

  9   viii.   George Embleton

  10   ix.   Elizabeth Embleton

  11   x.   Robert Embleton