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Descendents of George Embleton (1776 - 1833)
and Margaret Davidson (1782 - 1836)

First Immigrant Generation (includes some children who did not emigrate)

7. Margaret Embleton . Daughter of George Embleton & Margaret Davidson. Born 1812 in Eng. Died 1818 in Wooler, Eng.

    Margaret died in Wooler at age 6 years.

8. Eleanor Embleton . Daughter of George Embleton & Margaret Davidson. Born 4 May 1814 in Haughead, Eng. Christen 8 May 1814 in Ilderton, Eng. Died 23 Jun 1888. Buried in Woodstock Anglican Cemetery.

    Eleanor came to NB in 1837 on the brig Cornelius of Sunderland with her sister and brother-in-law Isabell and Thomas Herbert and their five young children.   Eleanor was 20 years old.   Her sister Elizabeth, age 18, her brother Robert, age 16, and brother William Embleton with his wife Jane and two small children came to NB at the same time.   They were among the first settlers of Harvey Settlement.

    From New Brunswick Courier, 23 Feb 1939:   Married Woodstock, Carleton Co., 13th inst., by Rev. R. Douglas,    E. A. Cunliffe, Esq.,   Woodstock and Eleanor, second daughter of George Embleton, Esq. of Northumberland, England.  

    From Carleton Co., New Brunswick, Marriage Records, Book A:   Page 076:

Cunliffe, Elisha A. of Woodstock; Embleton, Elenor, of Woodstock, married 13 February 1839 by Richardson Douglas, Wesleyan Minister.   Witnesses:   A. Smedes Wetmore, Thomas Perley.

    She married Elisha Ayers Cunliffe, son of Joseph Cunliffe Capt. & Pheobe, 13 Feb 1839 in By Richardson Douglas, Woodstock, N.B. Born 25 Jul 1796 in Woodstock, N.B. Christen 17 Mar 1800 in Woodstock, NB. Died 8 May 1868 in Woodstock. Buried in Woodstock Anglican Cemetery. Occupation Farmers, Woodstock Area. Religion Anglican.

    Death date on gravestone:   8 May 1868.     However, obituary in Carleton Sentinel, 27 Jun 1868 reads:     Died 10th inst., at his residence, Woodstock (Carleton Co.) Elisha Ayers Cunliff, age 72   (Intelligencer please copy).

   List of children for this family taken from the 1861 Census, Parish of Woodstock, Carleton Co., PANB F1595, page 34, #1332.   There may have been another daughter, although she is not listed in 1851 or 1861 Census.   From Carleton Sentinel, 14 March 1874--"Died at her mother's residence Lincoln, Maine, 17th ult., Camilla Cunliffe, eldest d/o late Elisha Cunliffe, Age 32."

    They had the following children:

  36   i.   Joseph J. A. Cunliffe

  37   ii.   Margaret P. Cunliffe

  38   iii.   Elisha C. Cunliffe

  39   iv.   Isabel Cunliffe

  40   v.   Thomas (G. Or P.) Cunliffe

  41   vi.   Wellington Cunliffe

  42   vii.   M. Elizabeth Cunliffe

  43   viii.   Agatha Cunliffe

  44   ix.   Alma Victoria Cunliffe

  45   x.   Eleanor M. Cunliffe