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Descendants of Nichol Gass (1801 - Apr 1878)
and Jean Copeland (1803 - 1872)

Third Generation

37. Nicholas D. "Nick" Lister . Son of David Lister & Janet Gass. Born 24 May 1861 in Harvey. Christen in Harvey Presbyterian Church. Died 29 Jul 1935 in Woodstock. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Occupation Barber.


    Copied from newspaper obituary - 1935:

    Nicholas D. Lister Died at Woodstock

    Former Fredericton Man Passed Away Today After Four Weeks Illness.

    (Special Despatch to The Daily Gleaner)

    Woodstock, N.B., July 29 -- Nicholas D. Lister, one of the best known and highly respected citizens of Woodstock, passed away at his home at an early hour this morning after an illness of four weeks, at the age of 74 years.

    Born at Harvey, N.B., he was the son of David and Jennie Lister.   Mr Lister came to Woodstock fifty years ago and was the proprietor of a barber shop uo to three years ago.   Among all the business houses in Woodstock at the time Mr Lister came here, he was the only one in business at the time he retired.   He was a member of the United Baptist Church and I.O.O.F.   His wife, formerly Victoria Lowery of Fredericton, predeceased him three years ago.   A son, Guy, was killed overseas during the Great War.

    He is survived by one son, Wilmot, of Newport, Vermont, who arrived here Sunday evening; two brothers, Fred T. Lister, Collector of National Revenue at McAdam, and George Lister, of McAdam, also Misses Mary and Lena Lister, of McAdam, and Mrs Annie Ellis, of Berlin, N.H.   Interment will be made in Harvey.


    He married Victoria Maud Lowery, 22 Dec 1885 in York Co., NB By William Tippett, Methodist. Born 1868 in Fredericton. Died 19 Apr 1932 in Woodstock. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.

    Witnesses to marriage were Annie Lowry and Randolph Cox.


    From newspaper obituary (undated)

    Finds Wife Dead

    Mrs Nicholas D. Lister Dies Suddenly of Heart Failure in Woodstock Home.

    Woodstock, April 20 -- Mrs Nicholas D. Lister died suddenly of a heart attack at her home here last evening.   Mrs Lister was in her customary health early in the evening, and her husband, on entering the house about 11 o'clock, was shocked to find her lifeless body lying on the floor.


    Dr. J. F. L. Brown was hurriedly summoned and said life had been extinct for some time.

    She is survived, besides her husband, by one son, Wilmot, Newport, Vt.

    The body will be taken to Harvey, NB for interment.


    They had the following children:

  94   i.   Norman Lister

  95   ii.   Guy Lister

  96   iii.   Edison Lister

  97   iv.   Wilmot Lister


38. William Lister . Son of David Lister & Janet Gass. Born 15 Apr 1863 in Harvey. Died 7 Nov 1927 in McAdam. Buried in Rockland Cemetery, McAdam. Occupation Partner In Store, Lister And Embleton, McAdam.


    Copied from newspaper obituary - 1927:

    William Lister of McAdam Died

    Was Successful Business Man and Native of Harvey, NB

    McAdam, Nov. 7 -- One more death has been added to the tragic succession of local visitations previously reported by the passing here, this afternoon, of William Lister of the firm of Lister and Embleton, after an illness of two weeks.   Everything that medical and nursing aid could do had been done in the effort to win the fight against the grim reaper without avail.

    His only son, Ralph, who had been called home from Mount Allison University a day or two ago, was at his bedside as was the wife and mother.   The only other child of their family was a daughter, Muriel, who died here two years ago.

    Mr Lister was born in Harvey in 1863.   He came to this town as a young man and has had a successful business career being known as one of McAdam's prosperous citizens, and his death will be felt as a great loss by all.   He is also survived by one brother, Nicholas D., of Woodstock.   Half-brothers and sisters are Fred T., collector of customs, here; George, of the C.P.R. shops; James and Robert of Harvey; Mrs Spurgeon Ellis, Berlin, N.H.; Miss Mary Lister of Portland, Me.; and Miss Lena, of Harvey.   The late Mr Lister was a Liberal in politics and had his religious affiliations with the United Church.


    He married Barbara Thomas, daughter of Alfred Thomas & Margaret Dundass, 13 Oct 1898 in Harvey. Born 4 Sep 1863 in Thomaston Corner. Died 9 Jun 1942 in St. Stephen. Buried in Rockland Cemetery, McAdam.


    Copied from newspaper obituary - 1942:

   Mrs William Lister Passed Away at Home of Mrs Gregory Lister.

    St. Stephen, June 11 -- The death of Mrs Barbara (Thomas) Lister,   widow of William Lister, of McAdam, and a resident of St. Stephen for some ten years, occurred late Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs Gregory Lister where she had lived for some time.   She was in her 79th year.   She was born at Thomaston Corner and spent most of her life in McAdam, coming to St. Stephen after the death of her husband in 1927.

    Mrs Lister was a member of the United Church at McAdam and an affiliate of Kirk United in St. Stephen, and was active in its organizations as long as her health permitted.   She was also active in the Red Cross.   Mrs Lister had been confined to bed since last Christmas and seriously ill for a week.

    The last surviving member of her own family, she is survived by one son, Ralph W. (Bul), well known as an outstanding athlete a few years ago, and now engaged in the retail shoe business in Moncton; and one grandson, William.


    They had the following children:

  98   i.   Muriel Lister

  99   ii.   Ralph William "Bule" Lister