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New Genealogical Publication

McEwen, W., 2004. The Grieve Saga: The Family of William Grieve & Eleanor Turnbull and their descendants (1794-2004) from Harvey, N.B. and the Comox Valley, B.C., 376 pages, ISBN 0-9735932-0-2 (compiled with assistance of Jocelean Swan Hall)

The Grieve Saga
Table of Contents


9 Beechmont Crescent

Ottawa, Ontario    
K1B 4A7


7 February 2005



Dear Grieve Descendant,


              For more years than I care to remember, I have been researching the story of the Grieves who sailed from Northumberland, England and settled in Harvey, New Brunswick - William and Eleanor Grieve and their descendants.

              You are one of the descendants, or the spouse of one, who has taken the time to collect information on your family and make it available to me.   This has been very kind of you and I want you to know that your time and effort are appreciated.   Thank you very much.

              Over the years with your assistance and that of Jocelean Swan Hall, I have been able to compile a considerable history of the 'original' Grieve family from England and their descendants to the present day.   The book gives an interesting history of Harvey Settlement beginnings and describes how, starting thirty-eight years after settling in Harvey, several Grieve and other Harvey families made their way to the Comox Valley in British Columbia.

              There are over 5,000 names listed in the index.   Today, there are living descendants not only in New Brunswick and British Columbia but also across Canada, the United States and elsewhere - and they are all your relatives.   It is probably not well known that there are as many descendants in the West as there are in the East.

              The book has 412 pages.   To give you some idea what the book contains, I am enclosing its 'Table of Contents'.


              There were twenty seven or so families who left the English - Scottish Border Country the same time as the Grieves and their descendants married bringing together families so the book will also be of interest to the Cessfords, Lilleys, Littles, Moffitts, Piercys, Swans and Wilsons and others in the East and the Cessfords, Dennys, Grants, Jones, McLellans, Parkins, Piercys and others in the West.

              The book is now available.   The price of the book is $36 plus postage and packaging.   If you live east of Alberta, postage and packaging is $9.00 for a total of $45.00 per book.   If you live in Alberta or British Columbia, postage and packaging is $11.00 for a total of $47.00 per book.   The cost to US residents is a total of forty-five US dollars per book (includes postage and packaging).   If you are interested in buying one or more copies of THE GRIEVE SAGA write to me enclosing a cheque covering the total cost (depending where you live) to the following address:

              Bill McEwen

              9 Beechmont Crescent

              Ottawa, Ontario    K1B 4A7

              Please include your e-mail address (or that of a relative or friend if you do not have one) if you are interested in receiving 'Update News'.

              If you are in the Harvey area you can purchase a copy of the book from Evelyn Wishart, 77 Route 636, Harvey, York County, New Brunswick at a cost of $36.00 per book.

              If you are in the Ottawa area, a copy can be purchased at my address for $36.00 per book.

Best regards from a husband of a Grieve descendant,

 Bill McEwen

 Tel (613) 824-1442

 e-mail bill.mcewen@sympatico.ca