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Descendents of Alexander Hay (1784 - 20 Mar 1868)
and Jane Robinson (1794 - 22 Jun 1878)

Second Immigrant Generation

6. John "Jack" Hay . Son of Alexander Hay & Jane Robinson. Born Approx 1826 in Northumberland, Eng. Died 4 Apr 1900 in Harvey.

    It would appear that John's first wife died before the 1861 Census was taken.   Children:   Jessie,   Robert and Susanna were born approx. 1855 to 1860, and appear in the 1861 census living in Harvey Settlement with grandparents Alexander and Jane, and John and Jane. (Susanna or Susan was possibly Jane's daughter.)   In the 1871 Census, Robert age15, and Susan age 11, are living with John Hay and his wife Elizabeth, and Jessie, age 16, is in the home of John Dorcas and Margaret.

    He first married Margaret, 9 Oct 1855 in Charlotte Co., NB. Died Approx 1856/1860.

    Unable to decipher Margaret's surname from marriage record--looks like "Corkeran" or some similar name beginning with the letter "C".   (P. 30, Charlotte Co. Marriages, RS148, F15477.   Married by James Quinn, Church of the Immaculate Conception.)

    They had the following children:

  23   i.   Jessie Levina Hay

  24   ii.   Robert Andrew Hay

    He second married Elizabeth "Lizzie" Dorcas, daughter of William Dorcas & Margaret, 9 Nov 1864 in Harvey By Rev. Samuel Johnson . Born 18 Jul 1840. Christen 22 May 1846 in Cathedral Records, Fredericton. Died 18 Apr 1915 in McAdam. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.

    From Religious Intelligencer, 18 Nov 1864:    " Married Harvey (York Co.) by Rev. Samuel Johnson, 9th Nov, John Hay and Miss Elizabeth Dorcas, both of Harvey"

    PANB, #F15552, p. 565:   "John Hay to Elizabeth Darcas on Nov 9, 1864 by Samuel Johnson, witnesses John Dorcas and Margaret Craig."

    From Cathedral records, Fredericton:    "Baptized 22 May 1846, Elizabeth Darkis, b. 18 Jul 1840, d/o William and Margaret Darkis -- at Harvey."   (PANB F1114, Cathedral Records, Fredericton)

    They had the following children:

  25   i.   Margaret Jane "Jennie" Hay

  26   ii.   Eleanor "Ellen" Hay

  27   iii.   Mary Isabella "Bella" Hay

  28   iv.   William "Alexander" Hay

  29   v.   Wesley Hay

7. Jane Hay . Daughter of Alexander Hay & Jane Robinson. Born 6 Jun 1831 in Northumberland, England. Died 30 Nov 1909 in Williamsburg. Buried in Williamsburg Cemetery.

    She   had the following child:

  30   i.   Susan Hay

    From Headquarters, 20 Jul 1864: "Married 18th inst., by Rev. Dr. Brooke, John Alexander and Miss

JaneHay, both of Manners Sutton (York Co.)"

    From York Co., NB Marriage Register C 1850-1866 (PANB), witnesses to the marriage were Joseph Amour

and Annie Amour.

    There are two dates in the York County, New Brunswick, Marriage Records, Book D, 1866-1879, for Jane's

marriage to John Edmonds:   1868 by John Taylor, Justice of the Peace, and 22 Feb 1869 by Rev. Samuel

Johnson.   (At that time there were newspaper items regarding the first marriage date and the fact that John

Taylor wasn't licensed to perform marriages, so at a later date a second ceremony was performed by the

minister.)   Witnesses on the first date were John Hay and William Hay, and on the second, John Hay and

Elizabeth Hay.

    She   married John Edward Alexander, 18 Jul 1864 in St. Paul's Church, Fredericton . Born Approx 1817.

    They had the following children:

  31   i.   John Edward Alexander

    She second married John Edmonds, 22 Feb 1869 in Harvey Settlement By Rev. Samuel Johnson . Born Approx 1839 in England. Died Before 1901.

    They had the following children:

  32   i.   Margaret I. Edmonds

  33   ii.   Alexander "Sandy" Edmonds



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