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Descendents of James Nesbitt (ca 1775 – 28 Dec, 1851)
and Catherine 'Elspeth' Carr (3 Nov 1776 – before May, 1837)

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First Immigrant Generation
Entry last updated 12 Feb 2008

1. James Nesbitt . Born Approx 1775 in North., Eng.

    There were two Nesbitt families among the first Harvey Settlement settlers, James Nesbitt and John Nesbitt.   The relationship between the two is unknown at this time.

    James was a widower in 1837, when he came to New Brunswick with two sons, George and James, and daughter Elspeth, on the brig. "Cornelius of Sunderland", along with the first settlers of Harvey.   He settled on Lot #12W, 100 acres in Harvey Settlement.   He sold his land to John Kilpatrick on 14 Dec 1844, whose name is shown on the Land Grants Map.   Presumably after he sold his property he moved to Maine to live with his daughter, Elspeth.   The 1850 Census for Robbinston, Maine shows "James Mashbeth, age 75, born in England" living with John and Elizabeth Larner.   This name perhaps should have been "James Nesbitt", and James later died in Maine based on his obituary (see below).

     James, or someone in his family, wrote a Journal of their   voyage to America.

     According to family records in the Nesbitt Bible, there were six children.

    He married Catherine 'Elspeth' Carr (b. 3 Nov 1776, Norham, Northumberland, England), before 1811 in Eng. Died before May 1837 in Eng.  

The following obituary for James Nesbitt was provided courtesy of descendant Sharon Howland, Washington Co., Maine (28 May, 2007):

        Calais Advertiser: Jan 22, 1852 p. 2

    "Died in Robbinston, [Maine] Dec 28, 1851, James Nesbit, aged about 69 years.

        "He was a native of the North of England, where he became a member of the Presbyterian Church at the age of 19. About 15 years since, he emigrated to New Brunswick with a number of his relations and friends and with them, commenced what is termed, the Harvey Settlement, about 25 miles from Fredericton. A Church was soon formed, and Mr. Nesbit was chosen one of its Elders. -- Some years ago, he removed to Robbinston, and connected himself with the Congregational Church of that place. The uniform testimony of his Pastor, and of all who knew him is that he was a good man and eminently a Bible Christian. Having not only a thorough knowledge of the Bible but having imbibed its spirit, and exemplified its precepts. An aged friend who visited him often, remarked, that his visits were always rich spiritual feasts, and he felt that he was drawn nearer heaven, by their influence. - His Pastor told the writer, that his deathbed, though one of great suffering, was one of calm resignation, humble trust in Christ, and joyful hope of a glorious and blessed immortality in heaven."

Servant of God well done
Rest from thy lov'd employ
The battle fought, the victory won.
Enter thy Master's joy."

    They had the following children:

  2   i.   Elizabeth Nesbitt

  3   ii.   Thomas Nesbitt

  4   iii.   George Nesbitt

  5   iv.   Elspeth Nesbitt

  6   v.   James Nesbitt

  7   vi.   James Nesbitt

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