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Descendents of Unknown Johnston
and Christina Heughan (ca 1803 - 22 Feb 1875)

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First Immigrant Generation
Entry last updated 10 Feb 2008

1. Mr Johnston .

    Given name unknown.   No record of death.   May have died in Scotland.


    He married Christina A. Heughan, daughter of William Heughan & Agnes Beattie. Born Approx 1803 in Scotland. Died 22 Feb 1875 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.


    Christina emigrated to Harvey Settlement as a widow with three children in 1841.

    There is no record of her marriage to Luke F. Craigs. Luke emigrated to Harvey Settlement with his parents and sister in 1841.   Little is known about him for the next 20 years.   He is not listed anywhere in the 1851 Census for York County, NB, nor can any record of marriages be found.   In 1861, he owned land,   which he and his wife "Christina Johnston" sold to Christina's son, Christopher Johnston on 16 Feb 1861. (NB Land Registry, York Co. 1849-73 v.41 (L2) Reel #5632 PANB).   At the time of the 1861 Census, Christina Johnston was living with her son Christopher and Luke was a farmer and lodger in the household of Ann Roe.   Luke moved to Thorne Centre, Pontiac County, Quebec about 1861 where he received grants for lots #43 and 44 in Range 3 and 44A in Range 4.   He dropped the "s" on Craig when he left NB.


    Christina is buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery and her name is on the same stone as Agnes, wife of William Heughan.   She is listed as C. A. Craig on the gravestone, and was 72 years old when she died.




Harvey Settlement Cemetery Section A, Plot #45.

Gravestone reads:

Memory of
wife of
Wiliam Heughan
Died Dec 19, 1849
Aged 87 years

Died Feb 22, 1875
Aged 72 years


Agnes and William are undoubtedly part of a select group of people who have grave markers in both the old and new world!


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They had the following children:

  2   i.   Mary Ann Johnston

  3   ii.   Nancy Johnston

  4   iii.   Christopher Johnston