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Descendents of Nicholas Lister (1796/1798 - 25 Jan 1869
and Margaret Heughan (1801 - 25 Mar 1846)

Third Immigrant Generation

47. Ward M. Lister . Son of James M. Lister & Eleanor "Ellen" Piercy. Born 9 Mar 1881 in Harvey. Died 8 Apr 1967 in Vancouver.

    Copied from newspaper obituary - 1967:

    Lister Rites Held

    Funeral service was held today for a Vancouver man who built a blacksmith's shop into one of the largest chain-and-bolt producing firms in Western Canada.

    Ward M. Lister, of 5850 Larch, died at his home Saturday night.   He was 86.

    Born in York Mills, N.B., in 1881, Mr Lister came west to Vancouver in 1910 and founded the Lister Iron Works--a blacksmith's shop at Gore and Hastings-- the following year.

    He is considered the pioneer of chain production in the city.

    During the Second World War, his firm devoted its time to round-the-clock production of steel plates and equipment for Vancouver shipyards.

    When Mr Lister retired in 1952, the name of his firm was changed to Lister Bolt and Chain Works and operates today at 301 West Fifth.

    Rev. Tom Badger officiated at the funeral service in Shaughnessy Heights United Church, 1550 West Thirty-third.   Cremation followed.

   Mr Lister, a widower, is survived by two daughters, Mrs John H. Long of 1320 West Forty-sixth, and Mrs Neil S. McAllister Jr. of 1455 West Forty-sixth.   He had five grandchildren.

    He married Mary Nichols, 8 Dec 1920 in Vancouver, BC. Born 31 May 1891. Died 22 Sep 1966 in Vancouver.

     They had the following children:

  170   i.   Evelyn Pauline Lister

  171   ii.   Marion Lister

48. James "DeWitt" Talmage Lister . Son of James M. Lister & Eleanor "Ellen" Piercy. Born 13 Mar 1885 in Harvey. Died 4 Nov 1927 in St. Stephen Hosp. Buried in Rockland Cemetery, McAdam.

    "Dewey" was on the Customs staff.   Died at St. Stephen hospital.

    He married Gertrude Stella Thomas, daughter of Joseph Edward Thomas & Mary Dundass, 9 Sep 1914 in St. Stephen, NB. Born 21 May 1887 in Brockway. Died 10 May 1963 in St. Stephen. Buried in Rockland Cemetery, McAdam.

49. Nicholas E. Lister . Son of Edward Irving Lister & Mary Ann Piercy. Born 3 Nov 1863 in Harvey. Died 14 Oct 1956. Occupation Roadmaster, CPR.

    Nicholas was employed at Harvey by the CPR for 48 years, 22 years of that time as roadmaster.

    He married   Jane Amanda "Jennie" Caulfield, 26 Jan 1886 in Saint John, NB. Born 25 Feb 1869.

    They had the following children:

  172   i.   Cyril Everette Lister

  173   ii.   Hildegarde Lister

  174   iii.   Mildred Lister

  175   iv.   Gwendolyn Armeda "Pauline" Lister

  176   v.   Percy E. Lister