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Descendents of Nicholas Lister (1796/1798 - 25 Jan 1869
and Margaret Heughan (1801 - 25 Mar 1846)

Second Immigrant Generation
8. Edward Irving Lister . Son of Nicholas Lister & Margaret Heughan. Born 14 Sep 1834 in Annan, Scotland. Died 1 Apr 1898 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Occupation Farmer.

    Edward came to America from Annan, Scotland with his parents and siblings in 1843.   He was a farmer on his father's homestead farm.

     Dates of births, marriages and deaths for Edward Lister, his wife Mary Ann, and their children are written in his family Bible.   (Held by Georgie Lister in 1999.)

    He married Mary Ann Piercy, daughter of Matthew Piercy & Agnes Moffitt, 15 Apr 1863 in Harvey Settlement, Rev. Samuel Johnson . Born 25 Apr 1845 in Harvey. Christen 25 May 1845 in Harvey By Rev. Daniel McCurdy . Died 15 Nov 1911 in Harvey Sta. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.

    From York Co NB Marriage Register C 1850-1866 (PANB):   Witnesses to marriage were George G. Grant and Jane Piercy.

    Copied from newspaper obituary:

    Death of Mrs Mary Ann Lister

    The death of Mrs Mary Ann Lister, widow of Edward Lister, occurred last Thursday at her home at Harvey Station.   She was seventy years old and a daughter of the late Matthew Piercy, one of the pioneer settlers in Harvey.   Her children are N. E. Lister, Matthew, John, and Thomas H. of Harvey; Mrs Eben Little, Mrs Fred Little, Mrs Kenneth Embleton, Mrs Ford Messer, and Miss Ida, of Harvey.   Mrs Henry Swan of Manners Sutton, and Mrs James Lister of York Mills are sisters, and two brothers and one sister in British Columbia.

    They had the following children:

  49   i.   Nicholas E. Lister

  50   ii.   Matthew Henry Lister

  51   iii.   Mary Agnes Lister

  52   iv.   Margaret "Ellen" Lister

  53   v.   John Edward Lister

  54   vi.   Thomas Harvey Lister

  55   vii.   Isabel Victoria Lister

  56   viii.   Elizabeth Jane "Lizzie" Lister

  57   ix.   Isabella Victoria "Bell" Lister

  58   x.   Lottie Selena Lister

  59   xi.   Ida May Lister

  60   xii.   Annie Piercy Lister

9. Jane Lister . Daughter of Nicholas Lister & Margaret Heughan. Born Approx 1836 in Scot.

    From York Co NB Marraige Register C 1850-1866 (PANB):   Witnesses to marriage were Alex Briggs and Thomas Briggs.

    She married Ralph Briggs, son of Thomas Briggs & Margaret Darling, 25 Aug 1858 in Harvey, By Samuel Johnson . Born Approx 1837 in Eng.

    In the 1861 Census, Ralph was 24 years old, English, Farmer, Presbyterian; Jane was 25 years old, and two children, Thomas, 2 years and Margaret Jane, 4 mos.   They owned or occupied 40 acres improved land and 60 acres unimproved.   Cash value of farm was 150 pounds, value of implements and machinery, 2 pounds.   They had one horse, 2 milch cows, 3 other neat cattle, 6 sheep, 1 swine and slaughtered 150 lb. pork.   Produced 70 lb. butter, 20 lb. wool, 7 tons hay, 200 bu. oats, 60 bu. buckwheat and 70 bu. potatoes.

   This family moved to the Tobique area of New Brunswick, and information on this family is limited.   Believed to have ten children.

    They had the following children:

  61   i.   Thomas Briggs

  62   ii.   Margaret Jane Briggs

  63   iii.   Nicholas Briggs

  64   iv.   George Briggs

  65   v.   Matthew W. Briggs

  66   vi.   Isabella Briggs

  67   vii.   Agnes Briggs

  68   viii.   Wilson Briggs

  69   ix.   Ellen Briggs

  70   x.   Adam Briggs

10. Agnes Lister . Daughter of Nicholas Lister & Margaret Heughan. Born Approx 1838 in Scotland. Died 7 Sep 1896 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Religion Presbyterian.

    She married Bernard McCann, son of Arthur McCann & Margaret Alexander, 14 Jul 1858 in Harvey Presbyterian Church. Born Approx 1835. Died Jul 1912. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Occupation Farmer.

    Bernard and Agnes lived at York Mills.   The 1861 Census lists Bernard as 26 years old, farmer, Catholic, and Agnes as 23 years old, Presbyterian.   Two children:   Margaret, 3 yr. and Jane, 1 year.   Acres of land owned or occupied, 4 improved and 96 unimproved.   Cash value of farm, 30 pounds, and value of implements and machinery, 1 pound.   They had one milch cow, one swine, slaughtered 140 lb. port.   Produced 37 lb. butter, 80 bu. oats, 10 bu. buckwheat and 80 bu. potatoes.

    From The Daily Gleaner, 18 Jul 1912:

    Harvey Man Found Dead in Woods

    Bernard McCann was on His Way to Visit Son and Became Exhausted in Woods

    Harvey Station, July 17 -- Early last week, Bernard McCann, an old and respected resident of York Mills, left his home there was the apparent intention of going to McAdam to visit one of his sons.   On Sunday last his son, Nicholas McCann, who lived with him, hearing that he had not reached McAdam and being unable to find any trace of his whereabouts had search made for him.   It was learned that he had taken dinner at the house of a resident on the road from Wilmot to Magaguadavic Station and started for the station in the afternoon, which was the last seen of him.

    The road between Wilmot and Magaguadavic Station is over three miles long and is much grown up with bushes and little used.   This road and the surrounding woods were thoroughly search by over thir;ty residents of the district, and on Monday afternoon Mr McCann's remains were found about half a mile from Magaguadavic Station, a short distance from the road.

    It seems that he had got off the road and lost himself in the bushes and wandered around until he became exhausted and sank down and died.

    The coroner, Dr. Dougan, was notified yesterday morning and he proceeded to the place and viewed the remains and made enquiries and considered an inquest unnecessary.   The body was very much decomposed owing to the hot weather and removal was almost impossible.   Coroner Dougan ordered the remains to be cremated which was done and the ashes interred at the Harvey cemetery yesterday afternoon.   Appropriate services were held at his late residence by Mrs W. H. Willis, of the Plymouth Brethren Sect, to which the deceased belonged.

    He was about seventy-six years of age and for some time past has been in failing health and mind but was thought to be well able to take care of himself.   He was a native of the South of Ireland and came to this country with his father, the late Arthur McCann, of Acton, when a boy.   He is survived by two sons and two daughters and one brother, Mr John McCann, of Acton, and one sister, Mrs P. Coholan, of Cork.

     He was a man of high character and of a very jovial disposition and had many friends.

    They had the following children:

  71   i.   Margaret McCann

  72   ii.   Jane McCann

  73   iii.   Mary Lister McCann

  74   iv.   Elizabeth Ellen McCann

  75   v.   Ellyade? McCann

  76   vi.   Nicholas McCann

  77   vii.   Agnes McCann

  78   viii.   James McCann

  79   ix.   John McCann

  80   x.   David Edward McCann

  81   xi.   Frederick McCann

  82   xii.   Eva Theresa McCann

11. Mary Lister . Daughter of Nicholas Lister & Margaret Heughan. Born 1842 in Scotland. Died 6 Jun 1861 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.

    She married James Embleton, son of William Embleton & Jane Runchman, 15 Apr 1861 in Harvey Settlement By Rev. Samuel Johnson. Born 5 Apr 1836 in Eng. Died 23 Oct 1901 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Occupation Farmer.

    PANB #F15552, p. 432:   James Embleton and Mary Lister on Apr 15, 1861 by Samuel Johnson, witnesses Margaret J. Embleton and Edward Lister.

   After Mary's death, Jim married Isabell Little.   He   lived on the farm known as the Tom Lister farm, near Frog Lake, and had five children from his second marriage.   Complete information on this family begins on page 101 in the book, "The Little Family of Harvey Settlement 1786-1992" compiled by Janet Swan Watson, Brenda Saunders Swan and Jocelean Swan Hall.