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Descendents of Thomas Piercy (ca 1760 - unknown)
and Elizabeth Unknown (unknown)

Generation 4
109. William Grieve. Son of Patrick Turnbull Grieve & Mary Piercy. Born 4 Oct 1852 in Parish Of Manners Sutton, NB. Died 21 Apr 1903 in McAdam, NB. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Occupation Farmer.

William was a farmer. He inherited Lot 7E, 1st tier, from his grandfather, William Grieve Sr. At the time of William's death he had been working in McAdam as a carpenter. William and Annie lived in Harvey.

Copied from newspaper obituary, 1903:
Well Known Resident of Harvey Passed Away at McAdam
Our Harvey Station correspondent writing Wednesday, says:
The residents of this place were much shocked yesterday morning when they learned that William Grieve had died suddenly at McAdam the night before. He had been working there as a carpenter most of the winter and had almost finished up for the season. He had not been feeling well for some days. On Monday morning he was seized with internal cramps and suffered very severely and seemed to be better in the afternoon, but in the evening he became much worse and his wife was sent for and he died shortly after she reached his bedside.

The remains were brought home at noon yesterday, and the funeral will take place this afternoon. He was about 50 years of age and leaves a widow (the daughter of Mr William Pass of Acton), three sons and two daughters; t wo sons and one daughter are nearly grown up. He also leaves an aged mother, five brothers and one sister. His brothers are John H., Thomas P. and Robert, who reside here, and George and Joseph who reside in British Columbia, Mrs Thomas Wilson of the Rear Settlement is his sister.

Mr Grieve was one of the leading farmers here, and only a short time ago purchased the Pass farm which lies along side his own. He took an active interest in public affairs, and was for some time a school trustee and secretary treasurer to the board of trustees. He was highly respected and had many warm friends, and his sudden and untimely death has cast a deep gloom over the community and many expressions of sorrow and sympathy are heard for the bereaved family.

He married Anne "Annie" Pass, daughter of William Pass & Charlotte Cockburn (Coburn), 15 Nov 1882 in St. Paul's Church, Fredericton By Rev. A. J. Mowatt. Born 13 May 1861 in Harvey (Acton). Christen 9 Sep 1861 in St. Paul's Church Records (Fredericton). Died 12 Aug 1942 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.
Witnesses to marriage were Patrick Grieve and Ellen Coburn.
Annie's sister, Hattie, married her husband's brother, George.

Obituary from newspaper, 1942:
Well known Harvey Station Woman, Was Daughter of One of Pioneer.
Harvey Station, Aug 28 -- Friends of Mrs Ann Grieve, widow of William Grieve, learned with regret of her death on Aug 12th at the home of her son, Cecil Grieve.

Mrs Grieve was born April 13, 1861, at Acton, NB, a daughter of William and Charlotte (Coburn) Pass. Her father was a native of Shropshire, England, and came to Canada in 1839 with his parents, settling in Acton, NB, which they named after their home in Acton, England. Mrs Grieve's mother was also a pioneer, having come to New Brunswick from Northumberland, England in the year 1837. Mrs Grieve's death removes the last member of the family.

Mrs Grieve was a member of St. Andrew's United Church, the Ladies Sewing Circle and the W.M.S. and while her health permitted, was always ready to do her share of the work of these organizations.

She is survived by two daughters, Mrs George Speedy, Sudbury, Ont., and Mrs Fred Lilley, Oakfield, Me., three sons, Melvin, Wilmot and Cecil Grieve all of Harvey; twelve grandsons and six granddaughters, three great grandchildren and several nieces and nephews.

They had the following children:
507 i. Charles "Melvin" Grieve
508 ii. Charlotte "Lovisa" Grieve
509 iii. Wilmot Lorne Grieve
510 iv. Elizabeth Florence "Flossie" Grieve
511 v. William "Cecil" Grieve

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