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Descendents of Thomas Piercy (ca 1760 - unknown)
and Elizabeth Unknown (unknown)

Generation 4
35. Minna Gertrude McKay. Daughter of John Robertson McKay & Elizabeth Piercy. Born 1852 in Fredericton. Christen 22 Sep 1852 in St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Fredericton. Died 27 Dec 1937 in Vancouver, BC. Occupation School Teacher.

Minna McKay was a school teacher, and taught in the school house on the Mission Hill, at Sandwick, Comox Valley, before going to Vancouver to teach. She retired from teaching after teaching nearly forty years in Vancouver. Last school was Cecil Rhodes school.

Copied from newspaper item - undated:
Forty Years A School Teacher
Miss Minna McKay Has Just Retired In Vancouver
Miss Minnie G. McKay is well known in the Comox valley, having taught at the school house on the Mission Hill, at Sandwick, over forty years ago, leaving to go to Vancouver where she has taught school every since. Miss McKay spends part of her summer holidays here with relatives every years. Mrs W. H. Grieve, formerly Mrs John Berkeley, is a cousin, also the late Mrs Jos. McPhee, and the late Piercy brothers, Tom, John, Matthew, Sam and Watt, were all cousins, while a large number of the younger members are distant relatives. Miss McKay was born in New Brunswick and received her education there. The Vancouver Daily Province noted the occasion of her retirement from teaching with an editorial which we reproduce:
"The children of Grade 1, Cecil Rhodes school, will have a new teacher when they go back after the holidays. They are losing their old teacher. Minna McKay is giving up teaching. She is going to take a little rest from her work of training up those young creatures in the way they should go. The school board thinks she has earned a rest. The report to the board about Minna McKay says that she taught in the city schools longer than any other teacher, and during all her time "she gave service of exceptional merit." The reports records that Minna McKay has been teaching the children of this city for thirty-nine years and nine months.
We like the particularity and precision of the school inspector's report upon the resignation of Miss McKay. He might have said she had served for forty years. Some of the more forward Grade 1 children of Cecil Rhodes school will know that the difference between forty years and thirty-nine and nine months is only three months. But the citation of very honorable service should be honorably exact. Let us salute the achievement and service of Minna McKay. She taught two generations of our school children--"and has rendered during those years service of exceptional merit."
During all those years! Yes, it is a long time. We suppose, as Miss McKay takes leave of her last class, her memories will go back among her other classes of hopeful young creatures. Why, she could have taught the grandmothers of some of those youngsters of her last grade 1! There must be hundreds of Vancouver people who learned their letters from Minna McKay. She was teaching school here when the big trees were still growing in Granville street, before there was any settlement beyong the Creek, when the town and the Grade 1 children of the schools were very young together."
(rest of the clipping is missing.)

From BC Archives Microfilm No. B13161, GSU Microfilm No. 1953194: Minna McKay died 27 Dec 1937, age 80 years, in Vancouver, BC.

Entry last updated: 10 Oct 2008
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