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Descendents of Henry Swan (1773 - before 1851)
and Elizabeth Russell (ca. 1783 - 22 Jan 1870)

Second Immigrant Generation

2. Isabella Swan. Daughter of Henry Swan & Elizabeth Russell. Born Approx 1800 in Northumberland, Eng. Died 20 May 1851 in Harvey Settlement. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Religion Presbyterian.

    She married John Thompson, 29 Jan 1832 in Cornhill Parish Marriage Register 1798-1850, England. Born 1800 in Northumberland, Eng. Died 25 Aug 1888 in Harvey Settlement. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Occupation Teacher. Religion Presbyterian.

    Not sure if John Thompson had middle name of "Stuart", unable to confirm.

    John Thompson and Isabella Swan were married by banns on 29 Jan 1832 in Cornhill Parish, England.  

    Among the original setlers of Harvey, N.B., they sailed from Berwick-upon-Tweed on May 28, 1837 on board the brig "Cornelius of Sunderland" which carried coals, glass, etc. and 137 passengers.   They arrived at Saint John, N.B. on Wednesday, 12 July, and proceeded to Fredericton in the steamer, "Water Witch".

    John received a land grant of 100 acres, Lot 9W, in Harvey Settlement.   He had been educated as a school teacher and served in this role when he came to the Harvey community.   He served as Clerk of the Session in the Presbyterian Church, and as an elder.

    They had ten children, three born in England and seven born in Harvey.   Isabella died when the youngest child was about two years old.

    Copied from newspaper item - 1888 (undated):

    John Thompson departed this life at noon on Saturday, and was carried to his long home on Monday.   Mr Thompson was one of the first settlers and had reached the 90th year of his age.   He was the only teacher or schoolmaster in the settlement for quite a length of time.   There is only one person in the parish now living who can claim to have been born in the seventeenth century, George Davidson, who was likewise one of the first of the Harvey settlers.

    The following is information gathered from research at the Provincial Archives of NB by Bruce Elliott, summer 2004, and contained in an e-mail to J. Hall,dated 19 Aug 2004:

     "The first is Thompson's licence to teach school, in RS655 1844.   On 2 Apr. 1838 he was approved by the Board of Education for the County of York.   In the minute of the meeting he was called a native of the County of Northumberland, England, and it was said he had produced testimonials of   "moral character, religious principles and sober habits" and passed an   examination in the 3 R's and English grammar, and was granted a certificate as requested.   A pity the testimonials were not placed on file.   On 14 Oct. 1844 the trustees of schools for parish of Kingsclear certified that he had been teaching a school in the Harvey Settlement there for many years with exemplary conduct, and currently enrolled 19 males and 15 females; a renewal of his licence was approved 30 Dec. 1844.

    "Secondly, the Dunham & McDougall Family Collection (MC167) includes a letter from Thompson to Jonathan McDougall who came to Stanley with the first party, but soon left.   McDougall was said to have been living in Gagetown when he received this letter, but that is not apparent on the document itself.   The file contains an inaccurate typescript version, but my copy below is from the original which is also there.   The transcriber thought he had signed John C. Thompson, but there is no middle initial C, just a big curl at the start of the T. of Thompson.   The letter was actually written by the nephew and namesake because John had injured his hand.   Note that he refers to his father-in-law back in England, alas not by name.   It would appear that McDougall and Thompson might have known one another in the old country.   If not, then McDougall managed to hear of Thompson soon after his arrival and knew that he was a teacher.   That John had already heard the news of the death of McDougall's wife and sent word home, however, suggests an old-country acquaintance.   McDougall's first wife was a Mather from Northumberland, though he himself was born in Scotland; a letter from McD's

father-in-law in Otonobee Twp. near Peterborough, Ontario was given to Trent University Archives there by the same donor who gave the Thompson letter to PANB.

"Here is the text of the letter:

"Stanley Feby 1st


My Dear Sir

I received your Letter stating that there is a Schoolmaster a wanting at the Place where you live but I have made up my mind to go to Harvey's settlement along with my Countrymen who are anxious for me to Settle amongst them and have offred a very advintageous proposal although I may expect to undergo more privations for one year then in that you recommend me to   I have also the offer of the Company School at Stanley   I have had a call of some of the Supporters of Mr. Henry offering to send there Children to me if I would remain but there is no money and things [offer?] a very gloomy aspect and are becoming mor so every day   the people here condole with you in the loss of your Partner in life   The news of her death reached us before I wrote to my Friends in England and I took notice of it in my letter to my Father in law   I feel grateful for your kindness in having me in your mind and recommending me to the Subscribers of the situation referr'd to   We are all well but I am under the necessity of employing my Nephew to write this lettor on account of a severe bruise in my hand   you are expected up here in the spring there are several talking about clearing out in the spring if the Company does not go on and there is little prospect as Cap Kendall is going home and Cap Hayne is to be Commissioner in his stead   my Wifes has her best respects to you

I am Sir

Yours Truly

John Thompson"

    They had the following children:

  10   i.   John T. Thompson

  11   ii.   Elizabeth Thompson

  12   iii.   Margaret Thompson

  13   iv.   Mary Ann Thompson

  14   v.   Isabel Thompson

  15   vi.   Henry Thompson

  16   vii.   Thomas "James" Thompson

  17   viii.   Robert Thompson

  18   ix.   Jane "Jennie" Thompson

  19   x.   Alexander Swan Thompson

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