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Descendents of William Grieve (5 Feb 1799 - ca 1875)
and Eleanor Turnbull (18 Sep 1794 - 18 Oct 1860)

Third Immigrant Generation


33. William Isaac Burrell . Son of Isaac Burrell & Alice Bell Grieve. Born 1860 in Harvey. Died 7 May 1874 in Oromocto Lake, Tweedside. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.

    From Daily Telegraph, 18 May 1874:

    Some of the scholars attending school at Tweedside, York Co., on 7th inst., went to the mouth of Dead Creek on the Oromocto Lake to fish, when a son of Isaac Burrell fell off a windfall into the water.   His brother, William Burrell, age 14, went in on a log to rescue him, fell off the log and was drowned, the water being ten feet and the others boys being younger and unable to render any assistance.   Search was immediately made for the body by the residents of Tweedside, but it was not till after receiving assistance of Mr Phillips, foreman of a lumbering party with five of his crew that the body was recovered about six hours after the accident.

    From The Gleaner, Fredericton, 10 Nov 1890:

    An old gentleman of Tweedside in this city, when speaking about the Fred Young monument fund related the following:   Several years ago some young men were perch fishing in the dead water brook at the head of Oromocto Lake, and one of the party, Thos. Burrell fell into the stream, and getting into the current, out from shore, was rapidly being carried into the lake.   His half brother, William Burrell, seeing the danger, went out on a log to save him.   Losing his balance, he fell in and the swift current bore him away from the log and he was drowned.   Tom, who was still struggling bravely, and seizing it he was swept ashore and was saved.