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Descendants of Peter Wood (unknown)
Janet "Jessie" Cleghorn (19th Apr 1805 - after 1880)

Second Immigrant Generation


4. George Wood . Son of Peter Wood & Janet "Jessie" Cleghorn. Born 27 Dec 1838 in Scotland. Christen 10 Feb 1839 in Eckford, Roxburghshire. Died 5 Oct 1890 in Tweedside. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.


4253. Undated tin type of George Thomas Wood. Son of Peter Wood & Mary Moffitt. b 16 Apr 1865, Harvey. d 30 Apr 1931.

Source: Ross Wood, Tweedside, Harvey, York Co., N.B. Rephotographed, by Tim Patterson7 Aug 2008.

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   From parochial registers of Eckford in Roxburghshire (Researched by Bruce Elliott, 2004):   1838 Peter Wood Mason Ormiston and Jess Cleghorn his wife their child Born the 27th Decr 1838 and Bapt. 10th Feby 1839 named George."

    From Files of The Gleaner of 1887:


    New Residence

    Mr George Wood had his house about finished.   It is large and commodious, and has a beautiful situation near the lake.   He is an expert angler and keeps a fine large boat.....

    He married Margaret "Maggie" Piercy, daughter of Matthew Piercy & Agnes Moffitt, 20 Apr 1867 in Waverley House, Fredericton By Rev. Dr. John M. Brooke . Born 2 Jul 1849 in Harvey, NB. Christen 29 Nov 1849 in Harvey By Rev. Daniel McCurdy. Died 19 Feb 1889 in Tweedside. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.


    From Headquarters, 24 Apr 1867:   "Married Waverley House, 20th inst., by Rev. Dr. Brooke, George Wood and Miss Margaret Piercy, both of Harvey Settlement."


    Witnesses to marriage were Robert Swan and Emmeline Smith.


    They had the following children:

  20   i.   Peter Seaman Cleghorn Wood

  21   ii.   Agnes Moffit "Aggie" Wood

  22   iii.   Jessie Wood

  23   iv.   Elizabeth Piercy "Lizzie" Wood

  24   v.   Fanny Seely Wood

  25   vi.   Laura Isabella Wood

  26   vii.   Mary Ellen Wood

  27   viii.   George Thomas Alvard Wood

  28   ix.   Antoinetta Alexandrina "Nettie" Wood

  29   x.   George "Archie" Bower Wood