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Alexander, J.E. 1849. L'acadie; seven years' explorations in British America. In two volumes. Vol. II. Henry Colburn, Publisher, London, 347 p. 7.4 MB download. Digitized 20 March 2006.

Link to pdf of scan of entire book. 7.4 MB download. Google Books. Original from the University of Michigan.

There are entries referring to Harvey beginning on p. 204:

I remained a short time in Fredericton to prepare reports and maps, and I record with great satisfaction the many attentions shown me by the Lieutaenant-Governor and his family, also by the worthy Attorney-General, Mr. Peters, Mr. Parker, the Master of the Rolls, Mr. Street, Solicitor-General, &c. I also made two or three very agreeable excursions with my friend Professor Robb, by the thriving Harvey Settlement to the beautiful Oromoocto Lake, &c. whilst waiting to hear from Lieutenants Simmons and Woods, with whose work I was to connect mine, when I should ascertain the course they were steering.*

*I beg particular to direct the atention of the future traveller in New Brunswick to the Bald Mountain, near the Harvey settlement. It is a great mass of porphyry, with a lake (probably in the crater) near the summit. It is on the edge of the coal measures, where they touch the slate. All the Harvey settlement, in fact, is on the very edge of these rocks.