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Boyd, J. 1858. A report on New-Brunswick Railways, to the Chamber of Commerce, Saint John, New Brunswick (link extracted passages pertaining to Harvey Settlement and downloadable pdf of entire book). 24 p. 1.3 MB download. Digitized 20 Sep 2007. ISBN:0665540108

Link to pdf of scan of entire book. 1.3 MB download. Google Books. Original from Oxford University.

There is a discussion of Harvey on p. 11.

In the Harvey Settlement, which twenty years ago was a wilderness, we have farmers who raise each annually two hundred bushels of Grass Seed, for which they have received at their own doors Fifteen Shillings a bushel, thus for this article alone obtaining £150; and so well establihsed are its merits, that leading American houses have their agents here to purchase it; yet the quantity raised in the United States is immense; and more than once, have the Americans supplied our City with Harvey Grass Seed, which we, in our simplicity, have bought as a Yankee Notion grown on Uncle Sam's Farm. Here then is a settlement through which, twenty years ago, there was no road. Emigrants disappointed by those who brought them here, were taken up by the Province, the expense to the country of the twenty-one families who founded that Settement, was £2,000. Who can estimate the wealth which that slight expenditure has rolled in upon us; land which was then and there procurable at 2s. 6d. an acre is now worth 32s. 6d., and has lately been sold for that: Common roads with good farmers did this - what will not Railroads and good farmers do with the same ground to work upon?