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Gesner, Abraham, 1847, New Brunswick; With Notes for Emigrants. Comprehending the Early History. Simmonds & Ward, London, 388. p. Digitized 17 Nov 2005.

Link to pdf of scan of entire book. 13.2 MB download. Google Books. Original from Harvard University.

In a passage on p. 163 Gesner notes that:

“The Harvey settlement, still farther south, was made by English and Scotch emigrants, who were unable to succeed under the system of the New Brunswick and Nova Scotia Land Company, and were established upon their present lands by the Government, as an experiment in colonization. After having endured many hardships, they have redeemed the soil, and now live in comfort and prosperity. The Harvey settlement borders upon a fine tract of hard wood land of good quality; but it is owned by absentee and rich land proprietors, who will doubtless let it remain in its present state until its value is increased fourfold by the road and surrounding clearing of the poor backwoodsmen. The St. Andrew’s Road passes near the Oromocto Lake, a pretty sheet of water abounding in trout and other kinds of fish. The side of this lake was chosen by a Mr. Ensor, an eccentric English gentleman, for a farm and residence; but his clearing and house have been abandoned. There is a scattered but striving little band of forestmen on the upper part of the Magaguadavic at the Brockway settlement….”