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Monro, A. 1855. "New Brunswick; With A Brief Outline Of Nova Scotia, And Prince Edward Island. Their History, Civil Divisions, Geography And Productions". Richard Nugent, Halifax, 385 p. 25.9 MB download. Digitized 17 Feb 2006.

Link to pdf of scan of entire book. 25.9 MB download. Google Books. Original from University of Michigan.

There is a brief mention of Harvey on p. 137.

On p. 167 in a lengthier passage Monro states:

"The road from Fredericton to St. Andrew’s passes through the Hanwell, Cork, Harvey and the other settlements; thus forming an almost continuous line of improvements for the whole distance. The land at Hanville settlement is stony while that of Harvey is good arable land."

A particularly interesting passage spanning p. 167, 168 reads:

"The thriving character of the Harvey settlement, at the location of which the writer assisted in 1837, evidently shows that when perseverance, energy, and well directed intelligence are brought to bear on the soils of this country not only may a competency be obtained, but the old adage will certainly be fulfilled, “the hand of the diligent maketh rich”.

There is also a brief discussion of the New Brunswick and Nova Scotia Land Company on p. 166.