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House of Commons. 1849. Reports from the commissioners: Nine Volumes - (2.) - Colonial land and emigration; copyholds; Darley main colliery; divisions of parishes; facotries; fine arts; inclosure; lunacy; mining districts; mining inspetion (Germany); national vaccine establishemnt; new churches; signet and privy seal offices; tithes. 512 p. 13.8 MB download. Digitized 15 Aug 2006.

Link to pdf of scan of entire book. 43.7 MB download. Google Books. Original from Harvard University .

The following "Report From the Commissioners" on the progress of the Harvey Settlement is made on p. 59:

The county of York contains and area of 3440 square miles, with a population of 21, 000, and 60 parish schools. The ciy of Fredericton, the seat of government, is in this county, on the right back of the river, distant from St. John by the river 75, and by the road 66 miles.

Five steamers, with the numerous sailing vessels ply night and day with freight and passengers, during the navigaion between Fredericton and St. John.

The track of land granted to the Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Land Company, has left but a small portion at the disposal of the Government on the eastern side of the river below the Nackawick. Extensive settlements are found on the Nashwalk and Keswick Rivers, and on the rear land between thsoe rivers and the upper line of the county. On the western side of the river there are numerous back settlements.

At the distance of 24 miles from Fredericton, on the great road to St. Andrew's is the Harvey settlement formed in 1837, by emigrants from Northumberland (England)' and which, by its present thriving condition, proves what can be done by sober and industrious men, even on an inferior quality of soli.

Accompanying this, is a tabular return of the state of the settlement in 1843, with the remarks of the Commissioner.

With such settlers for our ungranted lands, the most astonishing and gratifying results would soon be manifest.

In the vicinity of Harvey is an Irish settlement, formed in December, 1841, under the gratuitous management of the same Commissioner, whose Report and Return accompany those of the Harvey settlement, and furnish an additional proof of the success attending perservering industry.

Some good tracts of land are still ungranted beyond the Harvey on the Magadavic River and its branches and lakes, and in the vicinity of the contemplated railway between St. Andrew's and Woodstock.