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Haplogroup H and H* Distribution

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Mitochondrial haplogroup H is a predominantly European haplogroup that participated in a population expansion beginning approximately 20,000 years ago. Overall more than 40% of the total European population carries this mitochondrial variation. It is rather uniformly distributed throughout Europe suggesting a major role in the peopling of Europe, and descendant lineages of the original haplogroup H appear in the Near East as a result of migration. It can also be found in the Caucasus and Central Asian regions, though frequencies are considerably lower than that of Europe. More than twenty subclades of haplogroup H have been identified with several showing regional distributions.

A Haplogroup assignment of H* indicates that you belong to Haplogroup H, but not to any of the presently known subclades. Future work will undoubtedly better resolve the distribution and historical characteristics of this haplogroup.