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Descendents of William Grieve (5 Feb 1799 - ca 1875)
and Eleanor Turnbull (18 Sep 1794 - 18 Oct 1860)

Second Immigrant Generation

5. George Grieve . Son of William Grieve & Eleanor Turnbull. Born 9 Apr 1827 in Selbyscove, England. Died 8 May 1909 in Courtenay Area, BC. Buried in Courtenay Civic Cemetery, Section A. Occupation Farmer.

    From St. Stephen Banner, 24 Mar 1854: "Married Harvey Settlement, 6th inst., by Rev. Millen, George Grieve and Jane, fourth daughter of John Nesbit."


    PANB #F15552, p. 141:   George Grieve to Jane Nesbit both of Kingsclear on 6 Mar 1854 by William Millan, Presbyterian minister.   Witnesses William Grieve and Matthew Chambers.


    George and his wife Jane and their children moved to Vancouver Island in 1875 and settled in the Comox Valley area, and they were successful farmers, and builders.   He disappeared one day in May 1909 while looking for something in the woods.   George's name is on a gravestone in cemetery in Courtenay, but his body was never found.


    He married Jane Nesbitt, daughter of John Nesbitt & Ann, 6 Mar 1854 in York Co., NB By William Millen. Born 9 Jun 1828 in Newcastle, England. Died 5 Feb 1918 in Sandwick, BC. Buried in Courtenay Civic Cemetery, Section A.


    They had the following children:

  23   i.   William Henry Grieve

  24   ii.   Ann Nesbitt "Annie" Grieve

  25   iii.   John Grieve

  26   iv.   Elenor Alice "Ellen" Grieve

  27   v.   Margaret "Maggie" Grieve

  28   vi.   Joseph Patrick Grieve

  29   vii.   George Thomas "Berkeley" Grieve

  30   viii.   Elizabeth Jane "Lizzie" Grieve

6. Alice Bell Grieve . Daughter of William Grieve & Eleanor Turnbull. Born 1 Jan 1829 in Elilaw, Northumberland, England. Died 26 Sep 1860 in Harvey Settlement. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.


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Harvey Settlement Cemetery Section A, Plot #205 (Bottom part of stone broken, repaired with wood frame, 1998.

In memory of Eleanor, wife of Wm Grieve, Died 18th Oct 1860 Aged 66 years; Alice Bell, wife of Isaac Burrell, Died 26th Sept 1860 Aged 31 years; Joseph, Died 21st Nov 1860 Aged 21 years; Patrick T., died 25th Nov 1860 Aged 36 years; William Died 9th Dec 1860 Aged 35 years; (Facing Hwy) John Grieve, Died at St. Louis 14th Dec 1859 Aged 38 years (Footstones: EG, JG, PG, WG). Source: JSW 26 Jul 2006.

William Grieve wo died late late 1874 or early 1875 is probably buried here as well.

    From Headquarters, 9 Jan 1861:

    Died St. Louis, 14th Dec 1859, John Grieve, age 38; 26th Sept., Harvey, York Co., Alice Bell Grieve, age 31; 18th Oct. Elenor Grieve, age 66; 23rd Nov., Joseph Grieve, age 21; 25th same month, Patrick Turnbull Grieve, age 36; 9th Dec., William Grieve, age 35.   The above are the wife and children of William Grieve of Harvey.

    She married Isaac Burrell, son of Isaac Burrell & Jane, Approx 1854. Born 24 Mar 1829 in Northumberland, England. Died 2 May 1913 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Occupation Farmer.


   Isaac Burrell was married first to Alice Grieve, who died 26 Sep 1860, and they had three children:   Joselean, Jane and William.   Isaac married secondly Elizabeth Nesbitt Berkeley, and they had two children:   Annie and Thomas.


   In York Co NB Marriage Register C 1850-1866 (PANB), Isaac's surname is written as "Bunnell", and Elizabeth's surname is written as "Birkley".


   In 1861 Census for Manners Sutton, York Co., NB, Isaac Burrell was 32 years old, English, Farmer, Presbyterian; wife Elizabeth was 36 years old, English, Presbyterian; Joselen, 6, Jane, 4, William Isaac, 1, all born in NB; and Elizabeth Berkeley, 12, English and John Berkeley, 8, English (children of Elizabeth).


    In the 1861 Census, the Isaac Burrell family owned or occupied 45 acres improved and 65 acres unimproved land.   Cash value of farm, 150 pounds, value of implements and machinery, 8 pounds.   They had 2 horses, 4 milch cows, 5 other neat cattle, 8 sheep, 2 swine, and slaughtered 250 lb. pork.   Produced 100 lb. butter; 25 lb. wool; 9 tons hay; 150 bu. oats; 40 bu. buckwheat; 5 bu. peas, 25 bu. timothy, 100 bu. turnips, and 100 bu. potatoes.


   From Obituary - (d. 2 May 1913, 85 yr 2 mo.):

   Death at Tweedside


   The death of Isaac   Burrell occurred at Tweedside, York County, on Friday evening after a short illness.   He was in the 86th year of his age and had   been in fairly good health until about a week ago.   The deceased is survived by one daughter, Mrs Alex Swan, of Tweedside, one step-daughter, Mrs William Atchinson, of Houlton, and one son, Thomas Burrell of Tweedside.   The funeral took place yesterday and was largely attended.   Rev. M. J. Macpherson conducted the services and interment was made at Tweedside.   (sic.   Harvey Settlement Cemetery/jh)

    Alice and her husband Isaac had three children.


    They had the following children:

  31   i.   Joselean "Celia" Burrell

  32   ii.   Jane "Jennie" Burrell

  33   iii.   William Isaac Burrell

7. Henry "Harry" Grieve . Son of William Grieve & Eleanor Turnbull. Born 30 Oct 1830 in Elilaw, Northumberland, England. Died 20 Aug 1889 in Grantham, BC. Buried in Courtenay Civic Cemetery, Section A. Occupation Farmer. Religion Presbyterian.

    From Headquarters, 13 Feb 1861:   "Married Manse of St. Paul's, 6th inst., by Rev. Dr. Brooke, Henry Grieve and Margaret, daughter of Thomas Speedy, all of Harvey, Manners Sutton parish, York Co."

    PANB, #F15552, p. 419:   Henry Grieve to Margaret Speedy both of Manners Sutton on Feb 6, 1861 by John M. Brooke.   Witnesses: M. I. Little and Isabella Brooke.

    SW side, gravestone in Courtenay Civic Cemetery, Section A:   "Henry Grieve, October 30, 1830 - August 20, 1889.   Thy trials ended, thy rest is won."

    SE side, same stone:   Walter Allen and Mary Alice Grieve, our loved ones."

   He married Margaret Speedy, daughter of Thomas Speedy & Isabella Patterson, 6 Feb 1861 in St. Pauls Church, Fredericton By Rev. Dr. John M. Brooke. Born 17 Oct 1840 in England. Died 7 Mar 1923 in Nanaimo, BC.


    Henry went to BC with his family and with the family of her brother George in 1875, and settled on Vancouver Island.   Henry and his wife Margaret had twelve children, with the first seven born in Harvey, NB.


    After the death of Henry Grieve, Margaret married 1 Jun 1898, William Smith Birkett, who was born 3 Nov 1846 and immigrated to Canada from England in 1872.   W. S. Birkett died 14 Jan 1915, age 68, at Nanaimo, BC.


    Death date from BC Archives, Microfilm B13123 (GSU# 1927300), Reg # 1923-09-323767:   Margaret died 7 Mar 1923, age 82 years, Nanaimo, BC.


    They had the following children:

  34   i.   Isabella "Belle" Grieve

  35   ii.   Joseph Turnbull Grieve

  36   iii.   Ellen Jane Grieve

  37   iv.   William Thomas Grieve

  38   v.   George John Grieve

  39   vi.   Samuel McCulloch Grieve

  40   vii.   Henry "Isaac" Grieve

  41   viii.   Kenneth Alexander Grieve

  42   ix.   Walter Allan Grieve

  43   x.   Margaret Ann "Annie" Grieve

  44   xi.   Mary Alice Grieve

  45   xii.   James "Edward" Grieve