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Descendents of Thomas Herbert (1798 - 24 Feb 1862)
and Isabella Embleton (1804 - 16 Feb 1892)

Third Immigrant Generation

38. Charles Goldfinch Herbert . Son of Robert Herbert & Emma Goldfinch. Born 29 Apr 1879 in Bright, Australia. Died 24 Aug 1937 in Heidelberg, Australia.

    He married Ida Frances Cowley, 18 Sep 1913 in Christ Church, East Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia. Born 1886 in Talbot, Australia. Died 1966 in Williamstown, Australia.

    They had the following children:

  171   i.   Ernest Charles Herbert

  172   ii.   Leslie Robert Herbert

  173   iii.   Ronald Henry Herbert

  174   iv.   Mary Lilian Herbert

39. Marshall Robison . Son of Marshall Robison & Mary Herbert. Born 12 Feb 1855 in Harvey. Died 19 May 1877 in Victoria, BC.

    From Daily Telegraph, 9 Jun 1877:

    Sad intelligence was received at Harvey Station on Tuesday by Marshall Robinson of the death by fever of his son, Marshall, at Victoria, B.C. on 19th May.   Deceased, age 22, left home in March 1878 (sic) with the intention of staying three years in the west.

(Note: died of yellow fever)

(Death date from BC Vital Stats --   Reg. # 1877-09-001285, BCArchives Microfilm # B13077, GSU # 1927287)

40. Thomas Robison . Son of Marshall Robison & Mary Herbert. Born 4 Nov 1856 in Harvey. Died 5 Mar 1911 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Occupation Contractor, Also Hotel Business.

    Tom was a contractor and built several buildings in the Village of Harvey, including St. James Church (Presently the Baptist Church).   He was manager of the Farmers' Grange and later went into the hotel business.   He was the first elected member of the Provincial Parliament from Harvey representing the conservatives.

    From New Brunswick Reporter, 21 Jun 1876:   "Married manse of St. Paul's, 14th inst., by Rev. Dr. Brooke, Thomas Robinson and Miss Fannie Elkington, both of Manners Sutton, York Co."

    Witnesses to marriage were Catherine McCurdy and A. Disbrow.

    From newspaper obituary - 1911:

    Thomas Robison, York County M.P.P., Died On Sunday

    Harvey Station, March 5 -- Thomas Robison, M.P.P., died this evening at 7:40, after an illness of nine days.   He was taken with what seemed to be a bilious attack a week ago Saturday, and seemed to be recovering, but on Wednesday he became much worse.   This afternoon he began to sink.   He was fifty-four years of age and leaves his wife, five sons and five daughter, all of whom were with him when he died, except a son and a daughter, who reside in British Columbia.

    He married Frances "Fannie" Elkington, daughter of William Elkington & Susannah "Susan" Martin, 15 Jun 1876 in Manse, St. Paul's Church, Fredericton By Rev. John M. Brooke. Born 2 Sep 1859 in New Brunswick. Died 11 Aug 1941 in Harvey Station. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.

    1901 Census:   birth date 2 Sep 1859, and 41 years old.

    Copied from undated newspaper obituary:

    Mrs T. Robison Dead

    Widow of Thomas Robison ex-M.P.P. Passed Away at Coburn, NB

    Harvey Station, NB, Aug 12 -- The death of Mrs Thomas Robison, widow of Thomas Robison, M.P.P. occurred last evening at the home of Mr and Mrs Guy Little, Coburn, following an illness of a few weeks.

    Before her marriage she was Miss Fannie Elkington and came here with her parents from Chamcook, NB when quite young.   Had she lived to Sept. 2nd she would have been 83 years of age.

    Mrs Robison was well and favorably known throughout York County and other parts of the province, having carried on the Robison Hotel from the time of Mr Robison's death in 1911 until 1918, when she sold the property to her brother-in-law, the late S. Allan Robison.

    Some years ago Mrs Robison removed to Grand Bay but had made frequent visits to Harvey from time to time and had spent several weeks with Mr and Mrs Little previous to her illness.   She was a member of Knox Presbyterian Church in Harvey.

    Of a family of eleven children, seven survive.   They are Mrs William Hunter, Harvey Station, Miss Elizabeth Robison, RN, Fitchburg, Mass., Benjamin Robison, Grand Bay, Mrs J. H. Patterson, Penticton, BC, Mrs H. B. MacDougall, Lexington, Mass., Howard T. Robison, with the Canadian Army Overseas and David T. Robison of Penticton, BC.   The late James M. Robison of West Saint John was also a son.

    The funeral will be held on Wednesday afternoon, but arrangements have not yet been completed.

    They had the following children:

  175   i.   Camilla "Millie" Robison

  176   ii.   James Marshall Robison

  177   iii.   Elizabeth Robison RN

  178   iv.   Benjamin Robison

  179   v.   Mabel Robison

  180   vi.   Ada Winnifred Robison

  181   vii.   Annie Robison

  182   viii.   Maud Alexandra Robison

  183   ix.   Paul Robison

  184   x.   Howard Thomas Robison

  185   xi.   David Taylor Robison

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