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Descendents of John Nesbitt (ca. 1790 - 11 Apr 1850)
and Ann (unknown maiden name; ca. 1795 - 25 Feb 1864)

Third Immigrant Generation

11. John Alexander Hay . Son of Alexander Hay Jr. & Susanna Nesbitt. Born 7 Nov 1848 in Harvey. Christen 24 Dec 1848 in Harvey By Rev. Daniel McCurdy. Died 10 Mar 1937 in Saint John. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Occupation Farmer. Religion Presbyterian.

      In 1901 Census for Manners Sutton, John Hay had 150 acres, a 5-room house, 4 barns, and the family was living adjacent to Isaac and Nancy Burrell.

    He married Elizabeth Burrell, daughter of Robert Burrell & Ann Piercy, 9 Oct 1874 in St. Paul's, Fredericton, By Rev. John M. Brooke . Born 20 Jun 1852 in Harvey. Christen 16 Aug 1852 in St. Paul's Church Records. Died 21 Jun 1934 in West Saint John. Buried 23 Jun 1934 in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Religion Presbyterian.

    Witnesses to marriage were Alexander Hay and Frances Hay.

   When Elizabeth died in 1934, besides her husband, she was survived by four daughters:   Mrs Harry Watters, Fairville; Mrs W. G. Humble, Vancouver; Mrs G. M. McCutcheon, Boston; Mrs George Swan, Brownville, Me.; one son, Albert Hay, West Saint John.

    In the 1901 Census, Elizabeth's birth date is given as:   8 Sep 1852.

    Copied from newspaper obituary:

    Late Mrs John Hay

    Harvey Station, June 27 -- The body of the late Mrs John Hay was brought from Saint John for burial on Saturday, June 23rd.

    The funeral service was held in the Presbyterian Church at two o'clock and conducted by Rev. George E. Knight.   The choir sang Peace Perfect Peace, Asleep in Jesus and Abide With Me.

    The church was filled with relatives and friends who came to pay their last respects to one who by her kindly quiet and sympathetic way won her a host of friends among the young as well as older people.   She was always interested in any good work and ever ready to lend a helping hand where needed.   Mrs Hay lived in Harvey all her life until about five years ago, when she moved to Saint John.   She was a life long member of the Presbyterian Church.   There was a large number of beautiful floral pieces from friends in Saint John and Harvey.   The pall bearers were John Calvin, Pearly Watters, Wesley Hay, Albert Messer, Hazen Burrell, Colby Brown.   Service at the grave also by Mr McKnight.

    They had the following children:

  53   i.   Priscilla Jane "Celia" Hay

  54   ii.   Ella Marion Hay

  55   iii.   Albert Alexander "Ab" Hay

  56   iv.   Annie May Hay

  57   v.   Cora Davis Hay

12. Elizabeth Nesbitt . Daughter of Thomas Nesbitt & Isabella Cockburn (Coburn). Born 3 May 1842 in Fredericton. Christen 15 Aug 1842 in St. Paul's Church Records, Fredericton. Died 15 Mar 1905 in Winnipeg. Buried in Brookside Cemetery, Winnipeg.

    She married William Craig, son of Henry Craigs & Isabella Kay, 19 Oct 1865 in Harvey Presbyterian Church By Rev. Samuel Johnson . Born 21 Nov 1845 in Harvey. Christen 28 Dec 1845 in Harvey By Rev. Daniel McCurdy. Died 26 Dec 1921 in Treherne, Man. Buried in Brookside Cemetery, Winnipeg. Occupation Farmer.

    From St. John Globe, 30 Oct 1865:   "Married at residence of bride's father, by Rev. Samuel Johnson, 20th inst., William Craigs and Miss Elizabeth Nesbit, all of Harvey."

    York Co., NB, marriage records gives date as 19 Oct 1865, and witnesses to marriage were Thomas Craig and Annie Nesbit.

    William is listed as a farmer in the 1871 and 1881 Census for Manners Sutton.   They lived and worked on a farm on what is now the Charlie Little Road in Harvey.   In June 1892, William, Elizabeth and their two sons, Thomas and Stuart and daughter Annie left for Winnipeg, followed by daughter Isabella in November.   Son Henry Fulton had already settled and married in Winnipeg.   William operated a dairy farm in what is now part of Winnipeg.

    Copied from newspaper obituary - undated:

    William Craig

    Harvey Station, Jan. 21 -- Thomas Craig has received word of the death of his brother, William Craig, which occurred at Winnipeg about the 8th inst.   The deceased gentleman was a native of this place and went west with his wife and family upwards of twenty-five years ago and engaged in farming near Winnipeg.   He was about seventy-five years of age and is survived by two sons and two daughters.   His wife died about fifteen years ago.   He was a man of fine character and had many friends here.

    For complete information on this family see the genealogy book   "The Craigs of Harvey Settlement, Red Rock and the Pontiac"   by Helen C. Craig, printed 1999.

    They had the following children:

  58   i.   Henry Fulton Craig

  59   ii.   Thomas Nesbitt Craig

  60   iii.   Isabella Charlotte "Bell" Craig

  61   iv.   William "Stuart" Craig

  62   v.   Elizabeth Ann "Annie" Craig

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