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Descendents of Andrew Mowatt (1776 - 28 May 1862)
and wife Margaret (1779 - 17 Oct 1867)

Third Generation (Second Immigrant Generation) Continued... **************************************************


7. Andrew Joseph Mowatt (Rev. Dr.) . Son of Thomas Mowatt & Elizabeth "Betsy" Moffitt. Born 11 Feb 1838 in Woodstock, NB. Died 19 Feb 1911 in Erskine Church, Montreal. Occupation Presbyterian Minister. Religion Presbyterian.

    From Daily Telegraph, Saint John, 14 June 1873:   "Rev. A. Mowitt, of Stellarton, N.S., has accepted a call from the Presbyterian congregation at Windsor."

    From Daily Telegraph, Saint John, 20 Dec 1879:   "The induction of Rev. A. J. Mowatt the new pastor of St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Fredericton is to take place on 8th January."


3754. Undated tin type image of the Rev. Andrew J. Mowatt (center), wife Louisa Jane Annand (right) and a lady identified on back as "Bessies Sister" (left). Collection of Brian Swan, La Peche, Quebec. Album orginated from his grandmother Ella Jessie Swan (née Thompson) who provided the image identification. Rephotographed, 9 Jun 2008 by Tim Patterson. Cropped and contrast adjusted by Tim Patterson 10 Feb 2009

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Undated photograph of Rev. Dr. Andrew Mowatt (b. 11 Feb 1838, d. 19 Feb 1911). (Source: JSH, 25 Jul 2006).

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    From "A Century of Service, Saint Paul's Church, Fredericton, N.B. 1832-1932", page 78: "Rev. Andrew J. Mowatt was born at Woodstock, New Brunswick, February 11, 1838, and when quite young moved with his parents to Harvey.   He received his early education at Fredericton and took the Arts Course at the Presbyterian College, Truro, studied Divinity at the Theological Hall, Halifax, was graduated and licensed a preacher in 1866."

    "He accepted a call to Stellarton in 1866, to Windsor 1873, to St. Paul's Fredericton, in 1880 and to Erskine Church, Montreal, in 1891.   He was elected by the Assembly to the Board of Management of the Presbyterian College, Montreal, and succeeded Dr. McVicar as chairman of the Board of French Evangelization.   The College of Montreal conferred upon him the degree of Doctor of Divinity in 1901.   In 1866 he married Miss Louise J. Annand of Gay's River, sister of Dr. Annand of New Hebrides.   He died February 19th, 1911, in the pulpit of Erskine Church, Montreal.   He gave one son to the Ministry at home and one to the foreign field, in China."


Link to scans and transcript of a six page 11 Aug 1902 Letter written by Rev. Dr. Andrew Mowatt from Middleton Hall, Northumberland to his daughter Alice. During this visit Rev. Mowatt provides an interesting travelogue of Wooler and vicinity describing various landmarks, trips to cemeteries and visits with relatives in the area. This letter provides evidence that at least some families maintained contact with their Borders relatives through to the end of the 19th century. (Source JSH, 25 Jul 2006 who obtained copy of letter from descendant Melinda Anderson). Link to transcription of letter and associated images.



    From newspaper clipping, possibly 1939:

   Memorial to Rev. A. J. Mowatt In Erskine Church, Montreal

   Died in Pulpit in 1911--For Years Minister of St. Paul's, Fredericton.

   On Sunday last a memorial tablet on the new pulpit in Erskine and American United Church, Montreal, in memory of the late Rev. Dr. A. J. Mowatt, a former pastor of St. Paul's United (then Presbyterian) Church, Fredericton, who died at his pulpit on Sunday, February 19th, 1911, was seen for the first time.   Dr. Mowatt came to Fredericton about the year 1876 and was called to Erskine Church in Montreal about the year 1888.

   Dr. Mowatt had determined to address his congregation on the morning of February 19th, 1911, against the advice of his physician.   He had been in ill health for two months previously and appeared weak on the morning of his death.   He was assisted in the devotional portion of the worship by the Rev. Dr. E. Scott.

   Singular Text Intended

   The pastor was to have addressed the congregation on the text, "When I saw Him I fell at His feet as one dead", but shortly before the time for the beginning of the sermon, members of the congregation seated near the front of the church observed that his chin had sunk upon his chest and his eyes were closed.   They directed the attention of Dr. Scott to Dr. Mowatt who was found to be unconscious.   Several men were asked to carry the inert form of the pastor to the vestry where he expired before medical attention, which had been summoned, could arrive.

   The Inscription

   The tablet on the new memorial pulpit is inscribed "To the Glory of God and in memory of the Rev. Andrew J. Mowatt, D.D., Minister of Erskine Church who died in his pulpit on Sunday, February 19th, 1911, aged 73 when about to preach from the text 'and when I saw Him, I fell at His feet as one dead.'"

   It was during the pastorate of Dr. Mowatt in Fredericton that the present stone church on the corner of York and George streets was erected.   The preceding building was moved to the rear and first used as a hall and Sunday School room and later moved to Charlotte street and converted into an apartment house.

   Other Pastorates

   Dr Mowatt came to Fredericton from Stellarton, Nova Scotia, and before that had filled a pastorate in Harvey, New Brunswick.   In moving to Fredericton, he succeeded Rev. Dr. Brook and was himself succeeded by Rev. Willard MacDonald.


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Memorial plaque in St. Paul's United Church (formerly St. Paul's Presbyterian Church), Fredericton, NB

SACRED TO The memory of


    (Note:   Many of the birth, marriage and death dates for this family were provided by Anna Christie.)

    He married Louisa Jane Annand, daughter of John Annand & Helen Taylor, 1868. Born 14 Feb 1848 in Musquodobit, NS. Died 1912.

    Louisa Jane Annand had twelve brothers and sisters including:   Rev. Edward Annand, Minister, East Boston 1889; and Rev. Joseph Annand, missionary to New Hebrides (married Alice Sewell).

   They had the following children:

  22   i.   Wilbert B. Mowatt MD

  23   ii.   Oswald Mowatt

  24   iii.   Helen Mowatt

  25   iv.   Edward Everett Mowatt (Rev.)

  26   v.   Joseph Andrew Mowatt (Rev.)

  27   vi.   Alice Gertrude Mowatt

  28   vii.   Brooke Burkmuire Mowatt

  29   viii.   Emily Louise "Rae" Mowatt

  30   ix.   Edith Madeline Mowatt

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