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Descendents of James Rutherford (Jan 1788 - 4 Mar 1879)
and Isabella Russell (4 Mar 1805 - 20 Apr 1888)

Three generation Rutherford genealogy in a
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Data on these pages last updated: 23 November 2007

Link to maps showing relative concentration of the
Rutherford surname in the United Kingdom in 1881 and 1998.

First Immigrant Generation

1. James Rutherford . Born Jan 1788 in Tweedmouth. Died 4 Mar 1879 in Tweedside, York Co., N.B. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Occupation Farmer. Religion Presbyterian.


     According to 1851 Census, James and Isabella came to America in June 1850.  

    From the Daily Telegraph - 7 Mar 1879--"Died Tweedside (York Co.) 11th ult., James Rutherford, 82nd year, a native of Tweedmouth, near Berwick-upon-Tweed, having come from there 29 years ago.   Deceased was father of John Rutherford, station master, Harvey Station."


    He married Isabella Russell. Born 4 Mar 1805 in England. Died 20 Apr 1888 in Tweedside, York Co., N.B. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Religion Presbyterian.


     It is believed that Isabella Russell was a sister of Elizabeth Russell, wife of Henry Swan, and came to Canada at the same time as Elizabeth, her sons Alexander and John Swan, and daughters Elizabeth and Sarah Swan.


For complete information on the Rutherford family see the genealogy book, "The Rutherford Family of Harvey 1850 - 1999" compiled by Janet Watson.


    They had the following children:

  2   i.   John Rutherford

  3   ii.   Sarah Rutherford

  4   iii.   John Rutherford