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Descendants of James Taylor (unknown birth & death dates;
married 23 or 25, 1821) and Ann Peter (unknown birth & death dates)

Second Generation

4. William Taylor . Son of James Taylor & Ann Peter. Born 13 Jun 1832 in Inverarity And Methy, Angus, Scotland. Christen 21 Jun 1825 in Inverarity And Methy, Angus, Scotland. Died 14 Sep 1880 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Occupation Farmer.

    In the 1861 Census for Manners Sutton, William Taylor is 28 years old, Scotch, a lodger in the home of John McGowan, Tweedside, farmer, Presbyterian.

    PANB #F15552, p. 564:   "William Taylor to Margaret Atchison on Jan 7, 1864 by Samuel Johnson, witnesses Jane Atchison, George Grant, Maryann Atchison and John Piercy."

    From the Globe, 15 Jan 1864:   "Married Harvey Settlement by Rev. Samuel Johnson, Thursday, 7th inst. William Taylor and Margaret, second daughter of Andrew Atchison, all of that place."

    In the 1871 Census for Manners Sutton,   (living in Tweedside between John McGowan and George Embleton) William is 38 years old, born in Scotland.   His wife Margaret is 30 years old, born in NB, and three children, John, 6, Andrew, 4, and Ann, 2, all born in NB.

     Sometime between the 1871 Census and 1880, when both William and Margaret died, they had moved to a farm nearer to Harvey.  

    In the 1881 Census, the children of William and Margaret were living alone:   John W. Taylor, 16 years old; Andrew Taylor, 14 years; Annie, 12 years; and Marjory, 10 years old.   The youngest three were in school.

    In the 1891 Census, John, age 26, and Andrew, age 24, were living with their uncle John Taylor, age 65, and his wife Pheobe, age 55.

    He married Margaret Atcheson, daughter of Andrew Atcheson & Margery Robison, 7 Jan 1864 in Harvey, York Co., NB. Born 1840 in England. Died 20 Apr 1880. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.

    Margaret was born in England and came to New Brunswick with her parents in 1842.

    They had the following children:

  12   i.   John William Taylor

  13   ii.   Andrew Taylor

  14   iii.   Anne Taylor

  15   iv.   Marjorie May Taylor


5. James Taylor . Son of James Taylor & Ann Grant. Born 17 Sep 1864 in Inverarity And Methy, Angus, Scotland.

    James lived in Scotland, and had three daughters and one son, James.   No further information.