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Following is a newspaper article printed in the Fredericton Daily Gleaner 7 Sep 1895. The language of the text is the original used in the newspaper entry and as transcribed by Daniel F. Johnson. Records acquired by the Provincial Archives are not translated from the language in which they originate.

Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 96 Number 2168
Date September 7, 1895
County York
Place Fredericton
Newspaper The Gleaner


Tweedside, Sept. 5 - Three months ago our friends, Willie BELL and Jennie BELL, were the last surviving remaining heads of the many families who sailed together from Berwick upon Tweed on the ship "Cornelius" in the summer of 1837, bound for New Brunswick and settled the Harvey Settlement (York Co.) where dwellings and fields soon took the place of the wilderness of woods that surrounded them or many miles. These industrious men and women from old Northumberland and Berwickshire made their mark as good honest farmers and farmers' wives, sons and daughters. Being Presbyterians we are yet undivided. On the Sunday eve. on board of the vessel which was to sail the following morn. from the Carr Rock wharf on the river Tweed, Rev. Ritchie stood on the deck and preached a farewell sermon and committing them to the care of Almighty God. The writer of this, then a boy of six years, with his parents, was on that wharf, listening to the minister's voice, little thinking he or his parents would see those people again, or that his future wife was on board with her parents, then a little girl also of six years. Well I said, three months ago Mr. Wm Bell and Mrs. Bell were the last surviving of the heads of families at that date. Then Mr. Bell was suddenly taken sick and in a few days died, aged 82 years. Mrs. Bell was then in failing health, and died Sunday last on her birthday, aged 84 years. A long time together, a short time seperated, leaving sons and daughters and many grandchildren to remember them.