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Descendents of John Carmichael (1799 – 21 Jun 1879)
and Margaret Hume (1805 – 22 Oct 1870)

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First Immigrant Generation


1. John Carmichael . Born 1799 in Northumberland, England. Died 21 Jun 1879 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Occupation Farmer. Religion Presbyterian.

    John Carmichael and his wife Margaret Hume were married in England, and their second son, Samuel died in England.   John and Margaret and two small sons, James and Robert came to New Brunswick in 1837 with the first settlers to Harvey.   Margaret's sister, Mary Hume and infant daughter Jane, came with the Carmichaels.   (Mary Hume married James Craig on 14 Dec 1841.)

    The Carmichaels settled on Lot 20W and 19E, 100 acres of land.   The lot is an unusual shape with the highway going through it, so part of the lot is on each side of the highway.   The house and barn were built on lot 20W.   (Land Grant 1851/12/19, Vol KL, No. 4949)

    According to the Return of the Harvey Settlement statistical report dated 7 Nov 1840, John had 5 acres in crops in 1840 with 9 acres chopped and ready for crops next year; he produced 30 bu. oats, 7 bu. wheat, 12 bu. barley and other grain, 250 bu. potatoes; had 2 swine; and had built a dwelling house.

    Return of Harvey Settlement for the year 1843 shows 6 acres in crops that year, 3 acres in meadow, 1 acre in pasture and 2 acres new land for crops next year.   They produced 1 1/2 tons hay, 2 tons straw, 200 bu. potatoes, 7 bu. wheat, 50 bu. oats, 25 bu. barley and buckwheat, 1 bu. turnips, had 1 cow, 2 sheep, 2 swine, 1 young cattle; had a dwelling house, barn and one other out building; and there were seven in the family.

    Statistical Return of the Harvey Settlement for the year 1847 indicated that John was a "turner" (trade independent of the occupation of land); there were 8 in the family; they had 1 cow, 2 oxen, 6 sheep, 3 swine, 2 young cattle, and produced 8 tons hay and straw, 150 bu. potatoes and 6 bu. wheat.   Cleared 19 acres of arable land and 2 acres pasture.   Estimated value of land 45 pounds; value of buildings 9 pounds; value of stock 21 pounds and value of crops 33 pounds, for a total estimated value of 108 pounds.

    According to the 1861 Census, they employed 3 males and 1 female.   Owned or occupied 60 acres of improved land and 76 acres unimproved.   Cash value of farm was 130 pounds, value of implements and machinery, 6 pounds.   They had 2 horses, 3 milch cows, 2 working oxen, 2 other neat cattle, 12 sheep, 3 swine, and slaughtered 550 lbs. of pork.   Produced 160 lb. butter, 30 lb. wool, 9 tons hay, 150 bu. oats, 40 bu. buckwheat, 20 bu. timothy, 100 bu. turnips and 60 bu. potatoes.

   Copied from newspaper clipping appearing in newspaper in June 1927:

    An interesting document in the hands of one of the resident descendants of a pioneer family is a certificate of character given the latter when he left Scotland.   The certificate reads as follows:

    "The John Carmichael and Margaret, his wife, leave this country for America, with a good moral and religious character, and in full communion with the Relief Church is attested by --   James Muirhead, Minister

Wooler, 18 May 1837."

    He married Margaret Hume, in England. Born 1805 in Northumberland, England. Died 22 Oct 1870 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Religion Presbyterian.

    Copied from Daily Telegraph, Thursday, 27 October 1870:   "Died Harvey, 22 inst., Margaret Carmichael, wife of John Carmichael, age 65.   Deceased was a native of Northumberland, England, and emigrated to America in 1837."

    Copied from Morning Freeman, 3 November 1870:

    Mrs John Carmichael of Harvey Settlement died Saturday evening.   She appeared to be in usual health up to a few moments of her decease.   Just after finishing her tea, she complained of a severe pain in the region of the stomach, and so intense did it become, that she told those about her that unless she could have a doctor or get immediate relief she could not live.   She had but uttered the words when she leaned forward and fell to the floor.   She was immediately raised up and it was found life extinct.   Mrs Carmichael was about 70 years of age and one of the first that made for themselves home in Harvey    ("Farmer")

    They had the following children:

  2   i.   James Carmichael

  3   ii.   Samuel Carmichael

  4   iii.   Robert Carmichael

  5   iv.   Jane Carmichael

  6   v.   John "Jack" Carmichael

  7   vi.   Isabella Carmichael

  8   vii.   Mary Carmichael

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