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Descendents of James Brown (unknown birth and death dates)
and Martha Reed (unknown birth and death dates)

Second Generation

2. Mary Brown. Daughter of James Brown & Martha Reed. Born 8 Sep 1798 in Morpeth, England. Died 12 Dec 1864 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.


    Mary had seven siblings:  

    James Brown, married Frances, lived at Lane End, Morpeth and had two children:   Frances Jane and William.


    Jonathan Brown, b. 1811 at Pottery Brook, England, d. 4 May 1891, age 80, was a farmer, married Mary (b. approx 1817, d. Jan 1884, age 66) and had four children: Thomas (b. 1854, d. 17 Nov 1906, age 57, Pottery Brook);   Sarah (d. 4. Sep 1915, age 64);   Mary Ann (d. 2 Apr 1929, age 72);   and Jane (d. 20 Apr 1924, age 66)--all at school in March 1865.   (Jonathan and Mary are buried at the cemetery of The Parish Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Morpeth.)


    Ann Brown, "in a situation (or institution) in Morpeth."


    Jane Brown, married Mr Charlton, "a gardner, very delicate", had two children: Jane, dressmaker, and George, at school in 1865.


    Frances Brown, married William Darling, a shoemaker and had a shoe shop, lived at Jarrow near Newcastle on Tyne in March 1865.   Two children:   Barkas (?) and Mary Darling, at school in 1865.


    Martha Brown, born 3 Mar 1805, married Forester Reed, lived about one mile from Blyth.   Two children:   Sarah Reed, b. approx 1840, and Thomas Reed, b. approx. 1843, a butcher.


    Thomas Brown, married Mary Keely (?), lived in Campobello, NB in 1874.

    (Much of the information taken from letter written to "Cousin" by Sarah Reed, 26 Mar 1865, and other correspondence with the Brown family between 1865 and 1874.)

    She married Robert Wilson, son of Alexander Wilson & Elizabeth Miller, 27 May 1818 in Hutton, Scotland. Born 26 Mar 1799 in Greenlawdean, Scotland. Christen 14 Apr 1799. Died 25 Jan 1864 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Occupation Farmer. Religion Presbyterian.


    Robert served in the capacity of Farm Steward for four years in Lennilhill, Berwickshire, before leaving Scotland.


    Robert Wilson and his wife, Mary Brown with seven children, the youngest just two weeks old, emigrated from Scotland to New Brunswick in 1837.   Among the original settlers of Harvey, they sailed from Berwick-upon-Tweed on 28 May 1837 on board the brig "Cornelius of Sunderland".


    Robert received a Land Grant, Lot #10, 88 acres in Harvey Settlement.   He paid the sum of eleven pounds for the land rather than working out an agreement with the government.   As his sons grew older they received land on the second tier adjacent to Robert's.   Robert's land was passed down to his youngest son, James.

    (Ref: Jocelean Swan Hall, "The Wilsons of Harvey", 1798 - 1983, Centennial Printing, Fredericton, NB, 1983)


    Copied from original letter brought to Canada by Robert:

     "This is to certify that the bearer Robert Wilson has served me in the capacity of Farm Steward for the term of 4 years.   I have always found him to be a man who perfectly understands his business and very honest and trustworthy.


    (Signed) James Purves, Lennilhill, Berwickshire   May 26th, 1837"           


    From New Brunswick Courier, Saint John, 6 Feb 1864:   "Died Harvey Settlement, York Co., Monday 26th ult., Robert Wilson, Esq., emigrated to this Province from Berwickshire, Scotland, early pioneer of this settlement."


(From the Globe:...left widow and family.)

    They had the following children:

  10   i.   Elizabeth "Betsy" Wilson

  11   ii.   Thomas Wilson

  12   iii.   (Infant) Wilson

  13   iv.   Jane Wilson

  14   v.   Mary Wilson

  15   vi.   Margaret Wilson

  16   vii.   Robert Wilson

  17   viii.   Alexander Wilson

  18   ix.   Jane Wilson

  19   x.   James Jonathan Wilson

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