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Other Emigrant Families Who Came to Harvey Settlement
(1840's – 1850's)

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Following the arrival of the Cornelius settlers of 1837 and concommittant wtih the chain migrants from the Eastern Borders and arrivals from Dumfriesshire in the Western Borders a few other immigrant families also arrived in the community in the 1840's and 1850's independant of each other and the previous waves of migrants.

These families included:

Family Year Moved to Harvey Settlement
John Kilpatrick & NB born Ann Kearn 1844 (from Ireland)
Aaron Dorcas (b. 1774) & Jane "Unknown" 1847 (Ulster Scot from Ireland)
William Dorcas & Margaret "Unknown" 1847 (Ulster Scot from Ireland)
Richard James & Catherine "Unknown" 1850 (from Wales)
George W. Brown (married local girl Alice Messer) 1850's (Standlake, Oxfordshire, England)
Robert Torrance & Eleanor 'Ellen' MacDonald 1854-1856 (Prestonholm Village, Cockpen, Midlothian, Scotland)
Thomas Torrance & Isabella Dickson 1854-1856 (Prestonholm Village, Cockpen, Midlothian, Scotland)
Aaron Dorcas (b 1836) and Elizabeth Blizzard) unknown



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