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Elliott, Bruce, 2004-2005: Emigrant Recruitment by the New Brunswick Land
The Pioneer Settlers of Stanley and Harvey.


Only two families left the settlement during the dispute with the Company, and it is not clear that they left because of it.   Jonathan McDougall, the shoemaker from Coldstream in Berwickshire, left his house in Stanley village and was living on Smyth Street, York Point, Saint John County when his wife Jane died on 17 November 1837 at the age of 23.   Jane's parents, Andrew and Ann Mather, had emigrated earlier from Northumberland to Otonabee Township near Peterborough, Upper Canada.   The Mathers encouraged McDougall to relocate there, but he instead took up residence in Wickham, Queens County, New Brunswick.   He remarried in 1844, practiced his trade for a few years in Port Hope, U.C., and then returned to Wickham, where he died in 1859. (62)   Walter Dixon from Dryburn in Lowick parish, Northumberland, signed the Stanley settlers' petition to the House of Lords in February 1838 but not the agreement with the Land Company in June.   He moved with his wife Jane Pringle and children to Tay Mills in Douglas parish.(63)


(62) McDougall is identified as one of the Berwick party solely by his signature on the 1836 letter the settlers sent back to Wooler, though he also appears on Waugh's 1837 village plan, NMC 638.   Trent University Archives, Peterborough, 76-1012, Andrew & Ann Mather to Jonathan MacDougall, Otonabee, 21 July 1839; and marriage and death notices in Daniel Johnson's newspaper abstracts.   The Mathers were from Old Newlands in Bamburgh parish:   inscriptions, Keene Upper Cemetery, Otonabee, Ontario (www.nexicom.net/~resson/Cemeteries/KeeneUpperCemetery.htm).   See also PANB, Dunham & McDougall Family, MC167.


(63) Walter Dixon's wife Jane Pringle was no close relation of the Pringle family that also came on the D'Arcy   She was a daughter of Richard Pringle, a weaver in Fenham, Kyloe parish.   Family letters and genealogical information courtesy Don Dixon, Fredericton.