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Descendents of Archibald Rutherford (unknown – 1853)
and unknown wife

A. Rutherford genealogy in a
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Data on these pages last updated: 22 January 2008

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Rutherford surname in the United Kingdom in 1881 and 1998.

First Immigrant Generation

1. Archibald Rutherford . Died 1853 in Harvey Settlement.

    Archibald Rutherford with sons William, John and Thomas, and daughters Alison (Alice) and Margaret, and granddaughter Alison (all born in Scotland) emigrated to Harvey in 1852.   Son Robert remained in Scotland.   Archibald purchased Lot #12 second tier from James Nesbit on 17 Jun 1852 as well as the front half of Lot #10 third tier.   Archibald died a year and a half prior to 15 Feb 1855.   William married Jane Craigs on 24 Oct 1852 at St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Fredericton, and he died before his father.   John, Thomas and Alice were not married.   Margaret married 5 Jul 1860 and was the first wife of John T. Thompson, and may be buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.   Granddaughter Alice Rutherford married 1 Aug 1870 at St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Fredericton, Thomas McAllan of Dumbarton, Charlotte Co.

    From NB Land Petitions 1855, RS 108, PANB reel #5932 John Rutherford    (Researched by Helen C. Craig)

    To his Excellency the Honourable John Harvey Thomas Manners Sutton Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief of the Province of New Brunswick.

    The petition of John Rutherford and Thomas Rutherford of the Parish of Kingsclear in the County of York.   Farmers

    Humbly showeth

    That some four years James Nesbit applied under the labour act for a grant of a lot of land in the Harvey Settlement known as lot number twelve in the second tier in the west range containing one hundred acres and that he fully complied with all the conditions necessary to obtain the same as your petitioner truely believes that he has the good right also applied for a grant of another lot in the same settlement known as the front half of lot number ten in third tier in the same range and paid the sum of one pound seventeen shillings and six pence and then using five pounds twelve shillings and six pence in all.   This petitioner truely believes that he on the seventeenth day of June one thousand eight hundred and fifty-two by deed duely sold all his interest transferred to Archbald Rutherford the father of   your petitioners that said Archbald Rutherford died about a year and   a half ago in possession of said lots--living on lot number twelve upon which save thirty or forty acres wood cleared and he had built a house and barn that on the other lot five or six acres cleared.   That the said Archbald lived with your petitioners who supported him and his two daughters for a number of years.   Not be left there pleasing him in being your petitioner John Rutherford the oldest son, Thomas Rutherford, Allison Rutherford of your petitioner Jane Rutherford and her infant child being the wife and daughter of William Rutherford another brother of your petitioner who died before the said Archbald Rutherford and Robert Rutherford another brother of your petitioner and Margaret Rutherford a sister of your petitioner all of them except the said Robert who is in Scotland are living in the said Harvey Settlement.

    That your petitioners are very anxious of obtaining this grant of this said land in this land to have by grant as they cannot afford to lose their little holdings in unnecessary expense and your petitioners having maintained the said Archbald til the time of his death and the mother of your petitioners and this land ....?.... for a number of years humbly petition your Excellency that they are in position entitled thereto.

    Your petitioners therefore humbly pray His Excellency to take their request into consideration and cause the part of the said land to be issued to your petitioner

    And as in duty bound will ever pray

Harvey Settlement                    John Rutherford

February 15, 1855                  Thomas Rutherford


    From PANB RS 108, reel 5932 NB Land Petitions.   Rutherford, John

    For information to the Surveyor General in the heirship of the late Archbald Rutherford.

    That the late Archbald Rutherford emigrated from Scotland to this province in the year 1852 and that he bought Lot No. 12 second tier west Harvey then occupied by James Nesbit.

    That John the oldest and Thomas the second sons of the above Archibald Rutherford are now living on and occupying the same lot No. 12 in Harvey together with their two sisters and their youngest brother.   Robert Rutherford who is in Scotland.   These are far as we can learn are the only bodily descendants of the name Rutherford.

    That the above is a correct statement so far as we the undersigned can find and we believe it to be true.

            signed --   Alexander Smith, William Grieve, John Greenlaw, James Cowe

John Rutherford, eldest son
Thomas Rutherford
Allison Rutherford
Robert Rutherford
Margaret Rutherford


2   i.   John Rutherford
3   ii.   Thomas Rutherford
4   iii.   Alison (Or Alice) Rutherford
 5   iv.   William Rutherford
 6   v.   Robert Rutherford
 7   vi.   Margaret Rutherford

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