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Descendants of Thomas Craigs (ca 1770 - 30 Sep 1860)
and first wife Ann Crosby (ca 1770 - 1811)
and second wife Margaret Patterson (ca 1780 - 10 Sep 1843)

Although Thomas Craigs lived with his son Henry in Harvey Settlement (1851 Census)  he often visited with his sons, Thomas and William, in Red Rock.   There is a tradition that he would walk the distance in one day but towards the end of his life he had to take two days to make the trip of over 50 miles. He wrote the undated poem below to his grandchildren in Red Rock. It is not known if the scanned handwritten document is in his hand writing or another family member although the style of the script is 19th century.


To my Grandchildren at Red Rock


Thomas Craigs

ca 1770 - 30 Sep 1860


My grandchildren I write to you

I wish to know how all you do.

Obey your parents in the Lord

That your hearts with wisdom may be stout.

To mind religion when you are young

Before the evil days do come

When no pleasure in them you will find

The former days you then will mind.

If I should name whom I love best

It would give offence to all the rest

But if you think any one I love best

I leave it for yourselves to guess

And when these line unto you come

Do not forget by whom they are done

When I am not present then you'll find.

A father's love that proves always kind

Give my love to all inquiring friends

For I have almost forgotten all their names

Let them know I still remain

The hearty and harmless good old man

Scan of undated poem written by Thomas Craigs in his handwriting to his grandchildren in Redrock (near Stanley), York Co., New Brunswick

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