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Descendents of John Moffitt (28 Jun 1791 - 8 Aug 1859)
and Ellen "Nellie" Davidson (1792 - 12 Nov 1879)

Third Immigrant Generation

22. Elizabeth "Bess" Moffitt . Daughter of Andrew Moffitt & Margaret "Jane" Piercy. Born 11 Mar 1857 in Harvey, York Co, NB. Died 30 Jul 1938 in South Tweedside. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.


    From newspaper obituary - undated:

    Mrs E. Cleghorn Dead

    Well Known South Tweedside Woman, Invalid for Nine Years Died at Home.

    South Tweedside, NB, Aug 4--This community was deeply grieved on Saturday, July 30th, when Mrs Elizabeth Cleghorn died at the age of 81 years after a long illness.


    The late Mrs Cleghorn was a woman of fine qualities, generous and patient through her nine years of being confined to her home, she was loved by all who knew her and her passing has left a vacancy that will be hard to fill.   She leaves to mourn their loss, four daughters, Mrs J. A. Duplessis of Sherbrooke, Que., Mrs F. J. Smith, Greenville, Me., Mrs Celia J. Stiles, Oakfield, Me., and Mrs Arthur Cleghorn with whom she lived and one son, George of Tweedside.


    The funeral was held on Monday at 2:30 from her late home, the service was conducted by Rev. G. E. Knight of Saint John, which was most comforting to the relatives and others who gathered to pay their last respects to the deceased and sympathy for the bereaved family.   The hymns sang were Lead Kindly Light, Does Jesus Care, and a solo Good Night Here, Good Morning up There by Rev. G. E. Knight.


    There were many beautiful floral tributes from friends and relatives including sprays from the family.   The pallbearers were Edward Morrow, Russell and Chester Cleghorn, William Moffitt, Irvine Moffitt and Manzer Moffitt.   Interment was made in Manners Sutton Cemetery.


     She married George "Dode" Cleghorn, son of George Cleghorn & Agnes Hogg. Born 28 Aug 1851 in Scotland. Died 22 Jun 1919. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Occupation Farmer.


    George and his wife Elizabeth Moffitt were farmers in South Tweedside, and had eleven children.


    They had the following children:

  153   i.   George Alexander "Jordy" Cleghorn

  154   ii.   Ida Jane Cleghorn

  155   iii.   Christina A. Cleghorn

  156   iv.   Eva Isobel Cleghorn

  157   v.   Andrew Moffitt Cleghorn

  158   vi.   Lila Elizabeth Cleghorn

  159   vii.   Rose Ella "Rosy" Cleghorn

  160   viii.   Celia Jessie Cleghorn

  161   ix.   Tina Agnes Cleghorn

  162   x.   Wallace Alward Cleghorn

  163   xi.   Cora Victoria Cleghorn



23. Thomas Moffitt . Son of Andrew Moffitt & Margaret "Jane" Piercy. Born 16 May 1859 in Harvey, York Co, NB. Died 23 Dec 1927 in Coburn (Harvey). Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Occupation Farmer. Religion Presbyterian.


    Tom farmed the south half of his father's farm and built a house on the Frog Lake Road side.   Tom and Mary Ann had eleven children.


    From newspaper obituary - 1927:

    Thomas Moffitt

    Harvey Station, Dec 26 -- The funeral of the late Thomas Moffitt, of Coburn, who died on Friday morning, at the age of about 70 years, took place Christmas afternoon.   Services were held at his late residence and in Knox Presbyterian Church, the pastor, Rev. Geo E. Knight, officiating.   There were many beautiful floral tributes.   The pallbearers were four of the sons of deceased.


    Interment was in Manners Sutton Cemetery.   Deceased was a member of Knox Church.   He leaves a widow and six daughters and four sons.


    He married Mary Ann Wightman, daughter of John Wightman & Ann Isabel "Annie" Messer, 8 Apr 1885 in York Co., NB By William Ross, Presbyterian. Born 16 May 1864 in Harvey. Christen 31 Jul 1864 in Presbyterian Church, Harvey. Died 1953 in McAdam. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Religion Presbyterian.


    Witnesses to marriage were Robert Moffitt and Alice J. Wightman.


    For family details, see "The Moffitts of Harvey Settlement, New Brunswick 1791-1991" by Emerson Moffitt.


    From newspaper obituary:

    Mrs Mary Moffitt

    McAdam -- Mrs Mary Ann Moffitt died at the home of her son, Fred N. Moffitt after an illness of eight months.   She was the widow of Thomas Moffitt of Harvey, who predeceased her 25 years ago.   Her parents, the late John and Annie Wightman were pioneers of Harvey.   The last surviving is Mrs Fred Grieve, of Harvey Station, a sister.


    She leaves to mourn six daughters, (Annie) Mrs Ernest Little, (Elizabeth) Mrs Stanley Harris, (Mabel) Mrs Herbert Bull, (Helen) Mrs Horace Nason; (Emma) Mrs Carroll Patterson, (Edna) Mrs Gerald Nason; four sons, Arden and Fred of McAdam, Russell and Roy of Harvey.


    She leaves 39 great-grandchildren and 31 grandchildren.

    Funeral service was held in Knox Presbyterian Church of which she was a member and interment in the nearby cemetery.   The pallbearers were her grandsons, Hazen Little, Ronald Harris, Paul Moffitt, Edward Moffitt, Floyd Moffitt and Carl Nason, all of McAdam.


    They had the following children:

  164   i.   Annie May Moffitt

  165   ii.   Andrew "Arden" Moffitt

  166   iii.   Elizabeth Jane "Lizzie" Moffitt

  167   iv.   Allan Moffitt

  168   v.   Mabel Isabella Moffitt

  169   vi.   Frederick Norman Moffitt

  170   vii.   Helen Mary Moffitt

  171   viii.   Thomas "Russell" Moffitt

  172   ix.   Emma Selena Moffitt
173   x.   Roy Sydney Moffitt

  174   xi.   Alice "Edna" Moffitt

Undated informal portrait of sons of Tom Moffitt and Mary Ann Whiteman with their wives.

Left to Right:
Russell (b. 20 Jan 1899, d. 20 Jun 1988) & Amy (Brown) Moffitt (b 22 Jun 1898; d. 26 Jun 1984)
Fred (b. 16 Jun 1895, d. 20 Nov 1964) & Jessie (Hamilton) Moffitt (b. 29 Aug. 1899)
Andrew "Arden" (b. 28 Jan 1887, d. 21 May 1958) & Edith (Lyons) Moffitt (d. 26 Nov. 1968)
Roy (b. 8 Mar 1903, d. 21 May 1990) & Mabel (Hamilton) Moffitt (b. 16 Feb 1907)

Source: Aubrey Moffitt, McAdam, NB. Reproduction scanned by Tim Patterson, 22 Mar 2009.

Medium sized pop up image
700 X 449, 72 dpi, 152 k

Full sized pop up image
3418 X 2190, 600 dpi, 3,600 k



Undated informal photograph of Thomas "Russell" Moffitt (b 20 Jan 1899; d. 20 Jun 1988) and his wife Amy May Brown (b 22 Jun 1898; d. 26 Jun 1984)

Source: Aubrey Moffitt, McAdam, NB. Reproduction scanned by Tim Patterson, 22 Mar 2009.

Medium sized pop up image
700 X 447, 72 dpi, 148 k

Full sized pop up image
3329 X 2172, 600 dpi, 3,700 k

Medium sized pop up image
700 X 467, 72 dpi, 119 k

Full sized pop up image
1473 X 982, 180 dpi, 805 k

Emma Selena Moffitt (center) with husband Carroll McLean Patterson and mother-in-law Annie Brown in photo taken on the porch of their farm in Tweedside in the early 1920's before the birth of their first child Glenwood in Sep 1925. Original image in possession of their daughter Irene Findlay, Riverview, N.B.




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