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Descendents of John Moffitt (28 Jun 1791 - 8 Aug 1859)
and Ellen "Nellie" Davidson (1792 - 12 Nov 1879)

Third Immigrant Generation

17. John "Jack" Moffitt . Son of Andrew Moffitt & Margaret "Jane" Piercy. Born 11 Jun 1848 in Harvey, York Co, NB. Died 28 Jan 1931. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Occupation Farmer.


    For details of this family see "The Moffitt of Harvey Settlement, New Brunswick 1791-1991" by Emerson Moffitt.


    He married Jane "Janie" Lister, daughter of David Lister & Janet Gass, 22 May 1877 in St. Paul's Church, Fredericton By Rev. John M. Brooke . Born 14 Dec 1856 in Harvey. Died 1917. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.

    Witnesses to marriage were George Moffitt and Agnes Lister.


    They had the following children:

  131   i.   Albion Andrew Moffitt

  132   ii.   Agnes Lister "Aggie" Moffitt

  133   iii.   David "Irvine" Moffatt

  134   iv.   William Earl "Billie" Moffitt

  135   v.   Manzer Eugene Moffitt

  136   vi.   Nellie Jane Moffitt

  137   vii.   Sydney Alvan Moffitt

  138   viii.   Bertha Maud Moffitt


18. Eleanor "Ellen" Moffitt . Daughter of Andrew Moffitt & Margaret "Jane" Piercy. Born 16 Apr 1850 in Harvey, York Co, NB. Died 1935 in Watertown, MA. Buried in Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Boston, MA.


    From St. Stephen Courier, 1 Oct 1874:   "Married Manse, 30th Sept., by Rev. Robt. Wilson, John McKenzie and Miss Eleanor Moffitt, both of Harvey, York Co."


    Ellen lived for decades with her daughter Edna in the Boston region.


    Information on the MacKenzie family from C. Fred Bentley, Edmonton, Alberta, to Emerson Moffitt in Sep 1997.   Fred Bentley is a descendant of this family.   (Further information including dates from Brian Manson to J. Hall, Nov 1999.)      Many of the MacKenzie family are buried in Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Boston.   The MacKenzie/Horton/Hayden/Ramsay/Gordon burials are just off of Glen Avenue in Lot 7335 on Amethyst Path at its intersection with Greenbrier Path.   There are thirteen names on the monument, which is beautiful polished dark granite, measuring approx. 5' long, 3.5' high and 1.5 wide, with the long axis on a North-South orientation.   (From Brian Manson, Jan 2000)



    The inscriptions read:   North face:

HORTON, Harriett Mackenzie   1834-1934

MOTHER, Ellen Mackenzie 1850-1935


    South face:

RAMSAY William W.   1877-1936

his wife Mary H. Mackenzie 1877(?)-1960


    West face:

      HAYDEN                                         GORDON

James I. Hayden                            Oliver Purl Gordon

    1866-1943                                       1877-1947

       his wife                                             his wife

Sarah J. Mackenzie                         Catherine MacKenzie

     1875-1948                                       1878-1958


    East face:

    MACKENZIE                                      THOMPSON

J. Andrew MacKenzie                       Francis W. Thompson

     1880-1951                                         1887-1961

      his wife                                               his wife

Elizabeth Robertson                         Edna M. MacKenzie

       1881-1949                                         1886-1963


    She married John Murdock MacKenzie, 30 Sep 1874 in St. Stephen. Born Mar 1848 in Rose Valley, PEI. Christen 1 Apr 1848 in Breadalbane, PEI. Died 1898 in Leadville, CO. Buried in Caledonian Cemetery, CO.


    He was called "Yankee John" to distinguish him from about 5 or 6 other John MacKenzies in the Rose Valley area in the 1870s and onward.


    From obituary in Leadville Colorado Herald (no date):

    The funeral of Mr John MacKenzie took place yesterday from the residence of Mr Samuel D. Nicholson.   Rev. A. Grant Evans officiating and was very largely attended.   Among others, the Messrs. MacKenzie from Victor and Mr Murt Nicholson from Lake City were present.   For some time previous to his death Mr MacKenzie had noticed various premonitory symptoms of heart weakness, but without experiencing any serious suffering or entertaining any fears of fatal results.   On the day of his death he went to work as usual, but early in the afternoon quit work complaining of a pain in the chest.   He went to his house after seeing a neighbor and arranging with the latter to go to work in his place.   In the evening the mine foreman and engineer called to see him, but getting no reply on knocking at his door, they concluded he had gone to his nephews (Mr Nicholson) or downtown.   Not having seen him in the meantime they became uneasy on the following evening and called the matter to Mr Nicholson's attention, who at once proceeded to Mr MacKenzie's house, and having affected an entrance found that he had passed peacefully away, no doubt shortly after retiring on his return from work Saturday afternoon.


    The deceased lived for many years in Rose Valley, P.E.I. which he left about years ago.   He leaves a large family in Rose Valley.   Coroner Price of Leadville was summoned and took charge of the remains.   The deceased was about 52 years of age and leaves a large number of friends and relatives in P. E. Island to mourn the loss of a kind and generous father and friend.


    They had the following children:

  139   i.   Sarah Jane "Sadie" MacKenzie

  140   ii.   Murdock John MacKenzie

  141   iii.   Mary Helen MacKenzie

  142   iv.   Catherine Elsie "Katie" MacKenzie

  143   v.   John "Andrew" MacKenzie

  144   vi.   Lavina Ann "Vinee" MacKenzie

  145   vii.   Harriet Anne "Hattie" MacKenzie

  146   viii.   Robert "Bob" MacKenzie

  147   ix.   Edna Menetta MacKenzie

  148   x.   Mabel Lucinda MacKenzie