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Digital Extracts From the William Patterson Family Bible
William Patterson / Sarah A.J. Dibblee Marriage Certificate

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Entry last updated 4 April 2009
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Marriage certificate of William Patterson and Sarah A. J. Dibble contained in the Patterson family bible.

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The 1842 marriage certificate of William Patterson and Sarah Dibblee contained in the William Patterson family bible is very nicely done with carefully done block lettering and official looking signatures at the bottom. However, the certificate is actually part of the blble, which was printed in 1873. This artifact was obviously filled in long after the marriage of William and Sarah in 1842, and after Sarah's death in 1855.


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William and Sarah were married on 28 Mar 1842 in Fredericton by Reverend Daniel McCurdy (Presbyterian). The date listed in PANB #F15551 below is in error.  

    From Weekly Chronicle, Saint John, 8 Apr 1842:   "Married Fredericton, York Co., by Rev. D. McCurdy, Wednesday, William Patterson, Harvey and Miss Sarah Ann Jane Dibblee, Fredericton parish."

    PANB #F15551, p. 189:   "William Patterson of the Parish of Kingsclear and Sarah Anne Jane Dibble of the Parish of Fredericton were married by Banns being of age this Thirteenth day of March one thousand eight hundred and forty two by me   -- Danl McCurdy, Minister.  

    This marriage was solomnized between us:   William Patterson, Sarah Anne Jane Dibble

    In the presence of Isabella Johnston, John Johnston, William Robison."