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Digital Extracts From the William Patterson Family Bible

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Entry last updated 4 April 2009
Please contact Tim Patterson (tim.patterson@carleton.ca)
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Access to this bible was provided courtesy of Mrs. Beryl (Swan) Johnston of Harvey during the summer of 2005. Digital photographs were taken of any items deemed to be of genealogical interest, and are presented here.

This bible passed into Beryl's family through her husband Dellas 'Dell' Wesley Johnston, who was a direct descendant of William Patterson through his mother Janet Elizabeth "Jennie" Patterson (person 24). This bible, printed in May 1873 by John E. Potter Co., USA is in excellent condition. It is of pulpit size with a very heavy leather binding and metal clasps.

It will quickly become clear as readers examine pages from the bible reproduced here that some of the family history contents (e.g. the nicely done but faux marriage certificate of William Patterson and Sarah Ann Jane Dibblee) were obviously filled in by family members at a much later date. The block lettering found on many pages is done in the same style and using the same ink and was thus probably done at the same time. The last entry in this style is the record of the birth to Emily Olive Patterson on 24 June, 1878 suggesting that the first family entries recorded in this bible were entered after this date and prior to the death of William Patterson Sr. on 11 Dec 1892, as his death is recorded in regular ink.

There are some birth and death dates included that were very useful as they provided the middle names of some family members that have not survived in other family records.

There are several contained photographs that are mounted in a family photo album section of the bibie in both tin type and carte-de-visite format. Unfortunately, as is usually the case in most photo albums, many subjects were not labeled so the identity of these peope is unknown. Of particular interest are several carte-de-visite photographs, which were taken in west Yorkshire, England, Berwickshire, Scotland, and Isle of Man in the latter 19th century. This indicates that there was at least some communication between William Patterson's extended family in Harvey Settlement and relatives back home for at least a generation.


Marriage certificate of William Patterson (1812-1892) and Sarah Dibblee (1820-1855)



Family photographs