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Descendants of Peter Wood (unknown)
Janet "Jessie" Cleghorn (19th Apr 1805 - after 1880)

Third Immigrant Generation


20. Peter Seaman Cleghorn Wood . Son of George Wood & Margaret "Maggie" Piercy. Born 16 May 1868 in Tweedside. Died 13 Jan 1902 in Tweedside. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.

    Peter, his wife Jane, and their two infant children all died of diphtheria within four days, in January 1902.

    Copied from newspaper clippings - 1902:

    Diphtheria Scourge

    Three Deaths in the Wood Family at Tweedside--Others Expected.

    Our Harvey correspondent writing Jan. 17th, says:

    Mrs Wood of Tweedside, wife of Peter C. Wood, who died of diphtheria on Monday, died of the same disease yesterday morning.   Their eldest child also died on Wednesday.   The remaining child, which is about three months old is not expected to recover.   This child and an invalid sister of the late Mr Wood, are the sole survivors of the household.   Mrs F. V. Taylor, a trained nurse, was sent from Fredericton yesterday morning, but Mrs Wood was dead when she arrived.   The deceased lady was the eldest daughter of the late James Nesbitt of Tweedside, and was about 30 years of age.

    The people here are appalled by the dreadful work of the disease and every effort is being made to prevent its spreading.

    Family Wiped Out

    Awful Scourge of Diphtheria at Tweedside

    Harvey Station, York County, Jan. 18 -- A whole family, father, mother and two children, have been cut off by diphtheria in Tweedside.   On Friday evening Peter C. Wood contracted the disease and died Monday, the elder child died Tuesday and Mrs Wood died on Thursday morning and the younger child a few hours later.   The disease is of the most violent type and proved quickly fatal in spite of the best methods of treatment.   During the illness of the family their friends and neighbours prepared and brought food and other things necessary, but did not dare enter the house, and the doctor was unable to obtain the nursing required for his patients.   Mrs Nesbitt, Mrs Wood's mother, did everything she could to care for them, but she soon became exhausted.   Some of the parish officers and others, when they became aware of the state of affairs on Wednesday, joined together and wired Dr. Mullin of Fredericton, asking him to send a trained nurse for Mrs Wood and the child.   The doctor at once complied and the nurse arrived Thursday morning only to find Mrs Wood dead and the child dying.

    Two other families in Tweedside, who had the disease are all recovering, and there has been no further spread of the disease.

    The dreadful occurrence has cast a deep gloom over the entire community and much sorrow is expressed, as the young couple had many friends and were highly respected.

    He married Sarah "Jane" Nesbitt, daughter of James Nesbitt & Mary Carmichael, 30 Aug 1899 in York Co., NB. Born 12 Jan 1877 in Harvey. Died 16 Jan 1902 in Tweedside. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.

    They had the following children:

  69   i.   Charles George Wood

  70   ii.   Bertha May Wood



21. Agnes Moffit "Aggie" Wood . Daughter of George Wood & Margaret "Maggie" Piercy. Born 17 Apr 1869 in Tweedside. Died 8 Feb 1917 in McAdam. Buried in Rockland Cemetery, McAdam.

    (Birth date on gravestone in Rockland Cemetery: 1871.)

    She married Wesley Hay, son of John "Jack" Hay & Elizabeth "Lizzie" Dorcas, 29 Mar 1893 in York Co., NB. Born 22 Jan 1873 in Harvey. Died 5 Mar 1942 in McAdam. Buried in Rockland Cemetery, McAdam.

    The Saint Croix Courier "Journey Through Time", Good Times, Hard Times: 1926 - 1945   (Issue 4 of 6):

    12 Mar 1942    Deaths:   Hay--At McAdam, March 5, Wesley Hay, aged 68 years.

    (Birth date on gravestone in Rockland Cemetery: 1874.)

    They had the following children:

  71   i.   Margaret "Roberta" Hay

  72   ii.   Robert "Newton" Hay

  73   iii.   George Wood Hay

  74   iv.   Jessie Elizabeth Hay