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Harvey Settlement Census of 1851

Extracted from census of Kingsclear Parish

Library and Archives Canada reel C-998

Pages 21-22, 36-44.


Instructions for enumerators



A copy of the official memorandum for census enumerators appears at the beginning of the returns for Queensbury Parish, also on Library & Archives Canada reel C-998.   They are reproduced here.


The query concerning "Race" was inadequately explained, and this term was variously interpreted by the enumerators.   Some interpreted it to mean ancestry.   The enumerator for Kingsclear appears to have taken it to mean "Birthplace", recording those born in New Brunswick as "Native" (and native peoples as "Indians"), but it is not clear that all of the Harvey Settlers recorded as English were in fact born in England.   Birthplaces for a few of these immigrants vary between England and Scotland in later censuses.


The Queensbury returns include extensive agricultural schedules (Schedule 2) detailing the produce of each farm.   These appear not to survive for Kingsclear, with only the parish summaries of this data included, and suffering from water damage like the rest.