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Harvey Settlement Census of 1851
Extracted from census of Kingsclear Parish
Library and Archives Canada reel C-998
Pages 21-22, 36-44.


In 1851 the Harvey Settlement was in the parish of Kingsclear, as were the Cork, Acton, and Brockway Settlements and some others.   The entries for Harvey appear clustered in two parts of the enumeration.   In this transcript, only these pages appear.


The original schedules are waterdamaged, and this affects the legibility of the entries for names, sex, and status on a portion of the odd-numbered pages, and the details of occupation and date entering the colony on the even-numbered pages.   Illegible details have been added in [square brackets] where surviving information has rendered the families identifiable from other sources.


Maiden names have been determined through extensive genealogical research and have been added in bold face type, also in [square brackets].   In a few instances the modern forms of male surnames rendered in unfamiliar ways have also been annotated thus.


Details are not always correct as given.   In a couple of instances the enumerator recorded a daughter-in-law as a daughter, and the year of immigration is not always correctly stated.


Families who were not among the Northumbrian and Scottish Borders party that arrived on the snow Cornelius in 1837, or among the later emigrants from the same region who followed them to Harvey, are rendered in italics.   If married to a Northumbrian immigrant, however, their descendants have been recorded in normal font.   A number of such families, including the Littles, Heughans, Chambers, Listers, and Johnstons, comprising the Little Settlement, were from the western rather than the eastern borders (Dumfriesshire and Cumberland).   The senior Littles arrived first, settling in 1832 in the Hanwell Settlement in New Maryland.   After their sons resettled near Harvey, the parents relocated there also.   This group, however, constituted an independent migration chain.

                                                                                                  Bruce S. Elliott

September 2004


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