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Harvey Settlement, York County, New Brunswick

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The Harvey Settlement (now known as Harvey or Harvey Station), southwest of Fredericton, owes its origin to a second party of Northumberland and Borders immigrants recruited for Stanley by the New Brunswick Land Company. Upon their arrival in 1837 they found the Company commissioner absent, and discovered that the Company's inducements had been exaggerated. They appealed to the Legislature and to theGovernor, Sir John Harvey, to be permitted to purchase land outside the Company's territory. They were given work on the new St. Andrew's Road and the right to draw lots upon it, in the community that would bear the Governor's name. The party of 154 had arrived at Saint John from Berwick-upon-Tweed aboard the snow Cornelius, and hailed mostly from Northumberland, many being from the town of Wooler or its rural environs.


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