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Harvey Settler Photo Albums

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Old photographs have both a historical and aesthetic value. When they are family photos they provide additional sentimental and nostalgic appeal. Photographs presented on these pages are in the form of albums and where possible are presented in the order that they appeared in the originals. If you have photographs of Harvey settlers to contribute or have information on any photographs in the collection please contact Tim Patterson at: tim.patterson@carleton.ca.


Messer Albums (Harvey)
Courtesy: Darrell Messer

About 250 images in multiple albums taken between ~ 1860 through to 1949. Many photographs are identified but the majority are not. Traces diaspora of this family from Harvey to New England and British Columbia with many taken on the family farm. Oldest images in collection are of Messer and Speedy families with majority of remainder being of their descendants.


William Patterson Family Bible (Harvey)
Courtesy: Beryl (Swan) Johnston

This bible passed into Beryl's family through her husband Dellas 'Dell' Wesley Johnston, who was a direct descendant of William Patterson through his mother Janet Elizabeth "Jennie" Patterson Bible contains family birth and death certificates, a facsimile marriage certificate for William Patterson and his New Brunswick born wife, Sarah Anne Jane Dibblee. Contains small collection of nine tin type and carte-de-visite photographs. Some were taken in the UK providing evidence that an active correspondence with William's homeland carried on for many years after settlement.


Messer - Davis Images
Courtesy: Dallas Davis

Small collection of images taken from early 20th century through late 1970s of family of William "Willie" Messer and Margaret "Maggie" Messer and descendants. Includes several images of Don Messer and his family.


Swan Album
Courtesy: Brian Swan

Forty-seven photographs from the collection of Brian Swan of La Peche, Quebec, which includes Cornelius settler John Stuart Thompson, the first school teacher in Harvey Settlement. Brian inherited the photo album below from his grandmother Ella Jessie Swan (née Thompson) who provided the image identification. Most photographs in this collection are tin types and were taken in the latter part of the 19th century. The collection is valuable in that it not only includes photographs of a broad spectrum of Harvey settlers, but that the subjects in every single photograph are identified.


Little - Gass Album
Courtesy: Verselia Gass

Eighteen late 19th - early 20th century photographs from the collection of Verselia (Little) Gass of Tweedside, Harvey Station. The photographs are of members of her extended family and include several snap shots of every day life in the community.


Robison Album
Courtesy: David Robison

Thirty-eight late 19th century photographs copied from collection of David Robison. The photographs are principally of members of the family of Marshall Robison and Mary Herbert. They most likely originated as a group in the collection of his grandmother, Frances (Miller) Robison


Wood Album
Courtesy: Ross Wood

The 78 photographs presented on these pages were copied from the collection of Ross Wood, Tweedside, Harvey Station, York Co., NB. This album came to him from Wallace Wood. Walter "Wallace" Wood was the son of George Thomas Wood (b 16 Apr 1865, Harvey. d 30 Apr 1931) and Elizabeth Messer (b 8 Nov 1864, Harvey, d. 8 Jul 1920, Harvey.



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