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Descendants of Thomas Craigs (ca 1770 - 30 Sep 1860)
and first wife Ann Crosby (ca 1770 - 1811)
and second wife Margaret Patterson (ca 1780 - 10 Sep 1843)

Second Immigrant Generation

3. Ann Craigs . Daughter of Thomas Craigs & Ann Crosby. Born 16 Mar 1796 in Lanton. Died 17 May 1796 in Kirknewton.


4. Thomas Craigs . Son of Thomas Craigs & Ann Crosby. Born 15 Apr 1797 in Lanton.

    Thomas probably died young since another child was named Thomas in 1819.


5. Mary Craigs . Daughter of Thomas Craigs & Ann Crosby. Born 30 Jan 1800. Died 8 Nov 1813 in Kirknewton.


6. Robert Craigs . Son of Thomas Craigs & Ann Crosby. Born 10 Jul 1803 in Milfield.

    In the 1841 Census for Milfield there is a Robert Craigs, age 36, occupation weaver and living alone with no family.


7. Walter Craigs . Son of Thomas Craigs & Ann Crosby. Born 18 Dec 1805 in Milfield, Northumberland, England. Died 8 Dec 1900 in Clarendon, Pontiac Co., Quebec. Occupation Farmer.

    Walter's name and birthdate is recorded in Thomas Craigs' Bible.   It is the only one of the children of Thomas and Ann that is listed so perhaps he is the only one to survive to adulthood.   Walter dropped the "s" on Craig when he came to Canada.   He and Ann had 6 children and a foster child.

    Walter and his wife, Ann Sinclair went to Clarendon, Pontiac County in 1838, joining Ann's relatives--mother Janet, and brothers James Matthew and John Sinclair (1842 Census).  


    From The Equity, Shawville, Quebec, 27 Dec 1900:

   Died on the 8th inst., Walter Craig of Clarendon, aged 96 years.   Deceased was born in Northumberland, England, 1804 and settled in Clarendon in 1838, and consequently endured all the hardships inherent to life in a new country on its first settlement.   His family consists of two daughters--Mrs Richard Hudson, Ramsey, Ont., and Mrs Wm Hudson, North Bay, and Thomas on the homestead.   He also leaves 18 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren, and a name of a just and good man.


    He married Ann Sinclair. Born 28 Nov 1804 in Lanark, Scotland. Died 25 Sep 1895 in Clarendon, Pontiac Co., Quebec.

    Ann was daughter of John Sinclair and Janet Letham.


    From Clarendon Regular Baptist Church records:   September the twenty-seventh one thousand eight hundred and ninety-five I the undersigned entered in the family burring (sic) ground on lot number nineteen in the fifth range of the township of Clarendon the body of Ann Sinclair wife of Walter Craig farmer.   Deceased September the twenty-fifth one thousand eight hundred ninety-five aged ninety one years the witnesses that were and have signed with me were       J D Medcof Clergyman


    They had the following children:

  15   i.   John Craig

  16   ii.   Thomas Craig

  17   iii.   Robert Craig

  18   iv.   Janet Craig

  19   v.   Ann Crosby Craig

  20   vi.   Thomas Craig