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Descendants of Thomas Craigs (ca 1770 - 30 Sep 1860)
and first wife Ann Crosby (ca 1770 - 1811)
and second wife Margaret Patterson (ca 1780 - 10 Sep 1843)

Second Immigrant Generation

8. Ann Craigs . Daughter of Thomas Craigs & Ann Crosby. Born 31 Jul 1808 in Milfield.

    No further information.


9. James Craigs . Son of Thomas Craigs & Margaret Patterson. Born 5 Oct 1813 in Milfield, England. Died 22 Aug 1902 in Harvey, NB. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Occupation Farmer. Religion Presbyterian.

    PANB Marriage Records, p. 166:   "James Craigs and Mary Hume on 14 Dec 1841 by Daniel McCurdy, witnesses Thomas Craigs and Luke Craigs."


Two generation genealogy of James Craigs descendants provided by Dann Craig in
a single pdf or MS Word file.


    James, as a single man of 23, came to Harvey Settlement with the other settlers in 1837.   He received Land Grant Lot #11W, second tier, directly behind that of his younger brother Henry.

    James and Mary lived all their married lives on the farm in Harvey and are buried in the Harvey Settlement Cemetery.

    For complete details of this family see "The Craigs of Harvey Settlement, Red Rock and the Pontiac" by Helen C. Craig, 1999.

    He married Mary Hume, 14 Dec 1841 in   Harvey Settlement, By Daniel McCurdy . Born 1816 in Fenton, Northumberland, England. Died 24 Aug 1899 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Religion Presbyterian.

    Mary emigrated to Harvey Settlement with her infant daughter Jane and her sister Margaret Hume Carmichael and family in 1837.



Undated photograph of James Craigs and wife Mary Hume (source: Dann Craig)

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    Copied from unidentified newspaper clipping:  

    "Over Four Score Years

     Death at Harvey of one of the Earliest English Settlers

    Harvey, York County, is mourning the loss of one of their aged and best loved ladies in that community in the person of Mary, wife of James Craig, who died Thursday last at the age of 82 years.   She was a native of Fenton, Staffordshire, (sic) England and she and Mr Craig were the only surviving couple of the first settlers of Harvey.   She leaves a husband bereaved in his old age, eight children, sixty-one grandchildren and forty-five great grandchildren to mourn their loss."


    They had the following children:

  21   i.   Jane Craig

  22   ii.   Thomas Craig

  23   iii.   Samuel Robert Craig

  24   iv.   Margaret "Maggie" Craig

  25   v.   James "Black Jim" Craig

  26   vi.   Isabelle Craig

  27   vii.   Elizabeth "Betty" Craig

  28   viii.   John Albert "Jack" Craig

  29   ix.   Henry "Black Harry" Craig